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Day 31 of the trial! Defense might rest!

June 15, 2008: Caylee visits her great-grandfather at an assisted living facility. A video is later produced in an attempt to verify the sighting. Cindy and Caylee allegedly go swimming in the Anthony's pool. Afterwards, Cindy takes the ladder away from the pool and closes the gate.
June 15, 2011:The prosecution rests its case against Casey

June 16, 2008:Last sighting/death of Caylee Anthony
June 16, 2011:On the third anniversary of Caylee's death, Jose Baez questions his first witnesses.

July15, 200831 days since Caylee was last seen alive. Cindy calls and tells 911 dispatcher:  "There is something wrong. I found my daughter's car today [and] it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."
June 29, 2011: 31 days since the Casey Anthony trial, not including Jury selection, started. Defense might rest its case today.

WOW! What a bunch of coincidences!

The court today started with Judge Perry listening to Ann Finnell through the phone regarding the motion for mistrial due to a South Florida ruling stating the death penalty is unconstitutional.   Mason was 11 minutes late to this and Baez missed the whole thing:
Ann Finnell said she will rest on her memorandum and case law she submitted. Judge asked if she's talked to Casey and whether she concurs.  Finnell said she hasn't, but she thinks other counsel has or can. Judge informed her no other counsel present.  Casey speaks for herself, tells judge that she agrees with Finnell.  Ashton said that this is not a final opinion because it's going to another court for review.  He said even if affirmed on appeal, ruling applies only to that defendant in his own particular case.  Judge Perry will reserve ruling on this motion til later date.

Cindy Anthony
(looks at Casey, Casey looked down. She even repeated the word "so help me God" after completing the oath, instead of saying yes or no like normal)
JB: Recall incident of Lee going into Casey's room at night? CA: No. JB: Ever have to deal with an issue-- Objection/sidebar.  *personal note-remember what I said about people who wear purple! She's wearing purple again!*
JB: Do you recall saying 6 mos ago you still believed Caylee was alive? Yes. Being truthful about that? Yes.  Cindy Anthony held memorial for Caylee in Feb. 2009
JB: You requested Caylee's remains be cremated? Yes. JB:Two yrs later you still held belief that Caylee was alive, despite that?  Burdick Objection / sustained.
*Could defense be saying that Cindy was in denial after knowing Caylee drowned* 
JB: Your ability to block all that out part of your faith? Obj/sustained.  Cindy Anthony remembers videotape explaining that George Anthony had blown up at media due to someone saying that Caylee drowned.  JB: You expressed drowning was new theory? CA: It wasn't new theory, it was media's statement regarding that.  Clarified that the possibility of drowning was spoken about with LE.  Casey told her parents she was aware her dad had blown up in the media.  JB: Wasn't true because it had just happened, hadn't it? CA: I don't know, she could have heard it from someone in jail.  Baez asked Cindy if she knew there were no tv's in cells at the jail. She said she knew.

Cross Examination
Cindy told Casey the media's new theory was Caylee drowned. State said Casey said "surprise surprise" right? CA: Yes.  Cindy said media was screaming at them and throwing out theories. She thought at the time Caylee was alive & missing.  Baez said that "Surprise, Surprise" was in regards to the media  speculating things.

George Anthony
Baez asked about one of George's statements, shown page to review.  Baez asks George how he knew Caylee would be found in woods. George said Baez is taking 2008 statement out of context. GA: That was in context of my LE experience and decomposing bodies, not in relation to Caylee. Ashton objects, Perry sustains.  Told police that in Ohio, as LE, he smelled decomposition in woods, car, and houses before.  George confirms he walked fence area on Suburban Drive. Said he walked a bunch of streets in Orlando during search. Said he needed to clear his mind. Baez trying to ask if he walked past remains area or "other wooded area" in Orlando.  George says yes, in Oct. while looking for a new command center. George says it was off the road-but Baez says it was "in the woods."  JB: First night LE at your home, pulled Melich aside and told him about car? GA: Not first night, 16th, told him about it then. George says he demanded answers from Det. Melich to help find granddaughter. Says that no matter how Baez is spinning things, he had the right as a father and grandfather to ask what was going on.  Perry cut him off.  Said he was hysterical the day Caylee reported missing. GA: For you to say I was doing something wrong. You're wrong  JB: Did you pull Melich aside as leaving and told him something had happened to Caylee and Casey lying?  GA: Of course something happened to Caylee..she was missing. Casey was last person I saw with her. I put 1 + 1 Casey shaking her head and writing lots of notes during testimony.  George says he may have said his daughter lives on the edge.  George said he is 100% positive he smelled human decomp.  JB: Tell LE Casey lives on the edge? GA: Possibly, I don't remember, but my daughter does have tendency to live on the edge.  George says he may have said negative things about his daughter. He says he was cooperating with LE to find Caylee.  Baez asks if George was undercover (for law enforcement) George says he tried to keep Casey upbeat in jail visits.  JB: Didn't say any of those negative things to her at jail? GA: No, was trying to keep her upbeat, get answers about Caylee.  JB: You knew she wanted out of jail? GA: Yes. JB: Couldn't make bond because you wouldn't put up the house? Objection/sustained. Sidebar after Baez asks George is he testified against Casey before grand jury. (George trembling and crying as he looks at Casey. She ignore his looks) 
Baez reads statement in depo. where George said he smelled decomp but that it wasn't human decomp. Ashton stops him and tells him to read COMPLETE answer. Baez tries to tell Judge to tell Ashton to let him conduct his questioning. (BACKFIRE) Judge tells him to read EVERYTHING. Baez reads and looks defeated like a punished child.  Baez: "Explanation you gave during your deposition was clearly that it was trash."When George says there is a difference between garbage and trash Casey leans head on hand.  GA:  "You're trying to take this joy of my life away from me sir and you can't do it anymore. I can close my eyes at the moment and smell that again. How dare you sir" George tells Baez he started car, went home with Cindy.  Casey shakes head no while hiding head in hands.  GA: "My emotions were all over the place." George says he didn't want to believe then his daughter could be responsible for taking life of granddaughter.  Baez asks George about suicide attempt.  GA: "Yes sir I did" (try to commit suicide).  Baez asks George about suicide note: "you expressed some guilt, didn't you?"  George was hospitalized. Baez asks if he made media appearances week later. GA cannot remember.  Casey looks FURIOUS!   JB: Go on media outlets and advocate innocence of your daughter in Aug 2009? Baez asks if George recalls being paid $20 K for appearance on 48 hours GA: "Mr Baez, I have been nice to you & have tried to answer the questions to the best of my ability. I did everything I could possibly do to bring everyone who fell in love with [Caylee]." JB: All of these appearances stopped when allegations of abuse came up? GA: I believe that was done through you sir.

George leans his head down and as he walks away looks at Casey, she ignores him. *this BEAST of a chick is PURE EVIL!*

As they went to recess George asked if he could talk to Ashton and Ashton answered politely that he couldn't. Ashton explained to George he couldn't speak with him in the break while George was on direct examination .George then went over to Cindy and hugged for an extensive period and started crying.  Casey was wiping dry tears when they came back from break. Jury wasn't there.  
Casey is signing documents given to her by attorneys.
Recalls being asked by Ashton if he molested Casey. Baez tells him penalties of molestation and says George would never admit to it.  Casey "cries" and shakes head no.  George says he would never hurt her in that way. Baez says "only in that way"  Questioning goes back to gas can.  Casey stops "crying"  JB: Casey has taken those gas cans a number of times to fill car up with gas. GA: Yes. Baez put gas can on witness stand, it's sitting right in front of George.  Defense appears to have given Casey documents to sign.  GA:Me and my daughter had an argument over the gas cans. Myself, my daughter, God knows the truth. " JB: " anyone else you wanna throw in..a dog maybe?" WOW!
JB: Called police when missing June 24? GA:Yes. JB: Reported stolen? GA: Yes, this and another can. JB: First time reported gas cans stolen? GA: Yes. George is handed a document by Baez. Perry asked Baez to move the gas can because the jury cannot see George.  George being confronted with depo where he denied putting tape on gas can.  Baez keeps referring to the argument as "allegedly" George tells him that it DID happened.    George said it wasn't an argument until Casey slammed cans and told him "Here's your fucking gas cans!" George says tape was not on gas can then.
In deposition George said that tape was not on gas cans the first time cans were taken by LE and that he did not put them there. George recalls that.  Ashton called questioning and answering between Baez and George "sparring"

Cross Examination
Ashton asks George about his emotional state and whether he believes if Caylee died in someone else's custody or not.  JA: But today you no longer believe your granddaughter died in custody of someone other than your daughter? Sustained.  Casey just stared at her father. George never told police Casey murdered Caylee.  Ashton asked George about effect when Caylee's remains were found. George got very emotional as he talked about day he learned Caylee's remains were found.  George said everyday from July 15 till the day he was told it was Caylee he held out hope she was alive.  Perry asked if he needed break. GA as he cries: "No sir, I need to get through this, something inside me needs to get through this" Casey is not crying.   Sidebar (6) called after Ashton asks about buying gun for suicide attempt.  George didn't want to take a break, said he needed to get through this but a deputy helped  him down.  George broke down on stand.  George left stand and was comforted by an attorney.
Jury left room
Ashton says he doesn't know basis of JB's objection. JB: Has no basis; he knows no gun involved in suicide attempt. Ashton says revealed in suicide note that George got gun with intent to go get answers from Casey's friends, then kill himself.  Ashton says note rebuts defense claim George knew.  Perry reviewed suicide note to determine admissibility. Ashton says George mentions gun on page four of note.  Baez said its hearsay and objects. JA: Statement contains comments of guilt, regret but not particulars alleged by defense. Ashton said letter/note contains NO admissions to molestation of Casey or knowledge of what happened to Caylee. He read the note without jury present. In note, George asks why- why didn't Casey turn to anyone.  Baez had a big grin on his face and said Ashton has self serving exception.  Baez says George wrote this letter to appear innocent. He dropped papers on defense table.  Baez says George took some blood pressure pills and a 6 pack of beer to get attention.  Judge Perry:"It looks as though the defense has made Mr. Anthony's state of mind an issue.  Someone opened the door and Mr. Ashton is trying to walk through it."  JA: "I was glad for them to open that door. Innuendo of George knowledge was made before jury. That's why letter should be admissible."  Perry thinks door has been opened. Needs time to contemplate.  Ashton says he'll introduce suicide note during rebuttal.
Proffer:Jury not in room
George explains why he bought a gun.  George said he was going to force people at gunpoint to tell him what happened to Caylee.  Cops wouldn't let him keep it cause Casey was there and it violated probation.  Said he still has suicidal feelings even today.  Id's suicidal note.  Casey glares at him.  Ashton says in January 2009 he went to a hotel to take his life. George said yes. He contacted family to say his goodbyes.  GA: "I needed at that time to go and be with Caylee..because I believe I failed her.  If it weren't for law enforcement, I wouldn't be here today."  *George is broken. This is truly heartbreaking.* George says he it took hours to write the note. Baez objects to all the questioning saying it's beyond the scope.  *George stares at Baez and shakes his head no*  Ashton argues this is direct rebuttal of defense.  Perry: Issue of suicide brought out in defense's cross exam. Court permitted line of questioning.
Jury allowed back in.
George reiterates what he said during proffer.  He brought gun home and LE immediately confiscated it. Doesn't know why he picked that particular date to commit suicide (Jan. 22, 2009)  He said he needed to be with Caylee.  Contacted Cindy, Lee, parents, and sister and told them that he was fine.  George says he wrote letter to wife Cindy. He said he didn't want to be in this world anymore.  He couldn't tell her face to face.  Letter is 8 pages long.

Says he doesn't need a break.  *Cheney Mason is leaning back and looking directly up at ceiling. I really hope jury is taking notes of Casey's attitude*  Says during deposition George and Ashton "sparred" as well.  Says he would classify the questioning between himself and Baez "sparring" as well.  George knew that he couldn't have firearms in the house and that Casey would go back to jail if gun was found.  Casey was almost taken to jail at that moment. GA: That is correct  * So what! He wanted her to go back to jail because she is GUILTY!!!*  Bought beer when he attempted suicide.  Does not remember how much.    Said he had different medicines not sure exactly what.  Baez minimizing suicide attempt. "beer and blood pressure medication."  
When body was found on Dec. 11, 2008, did not know what was taken in 1st search warrant GA: Was not at home to see search warrant served, but knows LEO went through entire house.  George thinks 70 or 80 items taken from home.  GA: "All I can tell you is our home was turned upside down."Said it took days to put back together. Does not know when gas cans were taken.

Apparently, as the Judge was walking to get some lunch, a man started yelling at him saying that the Judge tampers with juries. He then was inside the courthouse handing out pamphlets near jury room. Mark Schmidter arrested for protesting outside the designated free speech zones outside the courthouse.  He has nothing to do with the case, but Judge Perry is handling it. His bail is set at $2500 for indirect criminal contempt. . He said he wanted to represent himself. He will have a hearing on July 6th.
*This idiot of a man, now has wasted the courts time on him!*

JB: Dec 20, second search warrant for home? Yes. You were home, got confrontational with officers? GA: Yes.GA says he was asked to step outside. JB: Told Sgt Allen, "Take your fucking minions and get out of my house?" Obj/sustained. JB: State atty issued subpoena for your fingerprints? Probably happened right around that time, George replied.  JB:Did you ask D.Casey what he was doing in those woods one month before Caylee found? GA:No, never have.
  JB:In early Jan 2009, did you feel the walls closing in on you? GA:I don't understand question. JB:Knew you were being investigated?  George said he always cooperated with LE, even with Baez. He said he had nothing to hide and Casey shakes head no and swipes her hands over her mouth, as if holding herself.
JB: You called everybody on date of alleged suicide to let them know you were gonna commit suicide? GA:Yes. JB:Called me? GA:Yes. JB:When was next time you were on Fox news? GA:No idea. JB:Within 48 hrs? GA:Don't believe so.

JA: Learn of remains before/after plane? GA: Got call that morning before boarding plane that they'd found small child.George said they were taken to Ritz Carlton; someone had arranged on their behalf.  He said they had some time on 5hr flight to talk a little, but not until in car leavng airport could they be alone and show emotion. JA: You and your wife had dinner that night at Ritz Carlton with Mr. Baez? GA: Yes. Objection. Baez asks to approach.-SIDEBAR JA: Cooperated with law enforcement, also with Baez? GA: Yes. JA: With anyone who could help you find Caylee? GA: Yes. JA: Dec 19 remains ID'd? GA: Yes. JA: Anger at LE was day after you got confirmation that Caylee was dead? GA: Yes.

JB: Ashton asked if you were taken from airport to Ritz Carlton? GA:Yes. JB:Wasn't by LE, was it? GA: Don't know. JB: Good Morning America paid for Ritz?  GA: I don't know who actually paid for it. JB: Interview have to do anything in exchange for staying at Ritz? GA: No sir.

Brandon Sparks-Roy Kronk's Son. Coast Guard
He does drug interventions, search and rescues. At sea 3-4 months at a time.  BS: "Roy Kronk is my biological father." JB: Estranged from him? BS: Yes, since I was 8 yrs old.  Sparks began speaking with Kronk again on near nightly basis since June 2008 to Feb 2009.  JB: Kronk tell you he knew something about this case? BS: Yes. JB: That he knew where the remains were. BS: Yes. JB: Father ever mention he found Caylee's skull? BS: Yes. JB: Prior to Dec 11? BS: Yes
Sparks said it was in Nov, he knows that because of Thanksgiving. *reminder, Kronk found skull in August and called LE then multiple times!*  When Kronk told him on Dec 11 he'd found remains, Sparks said asked him why he didn't get them earlier.  Baez introduces Sparks' phone records.  JB: Hold/held ill will for your father? BS: No sir.

Cross Examination
LDB: Not til Oct 2009 you signed statement prepared for you regarding knowledge you had in this case? BS: Yes.  LDB: In statement, you refer to phone call you mentioned today? BS: Yes. Burdick hands him phone records; he IDs his/Kronk's numbers. LDB: Did not tell your mom you instituted contact with your father? BS: No. LDB: Kept it from her for substantial time after doing so? BS: Yes.  LDB: In Aug 2009 you signed statement typed for you by someone else? (Shows to him). BS:Yes, ma'am.  LDB: When you signed statement, that's when you remembered or had help remembering conversation was prior to Thanksgiving?  BS: Conversation about skull was in Nov; wasn't til Dec 11 that it became relevant.  His mom and wife also reminded him that he spoke with Kronk back in  Nov. on Dec. 11.She asked if he saw Kronk on Dec. 11 on the TV. He said yes. Roy Kronk was on TV for the first time on Dec. 19, 2008. 

JB: Questioned by LE in 2009 or someone else? BS:I was contacted by a detective, Mortimer Smith. JB: He worked for defense? BS: Yes.  JB: Ever spoken to Yuri Melich? BS: No sir. Says he doesn't know who that is.  BS said originally didn't put much stock in what his dad said because he had habit of saying far-fetched things. Objection/sustained.

LDB: Father tell you he had taken skull, had at home/car, done anything else to it in Nov 2008? BS: No ma'am.

 JB: Father told you he was gonna be rich and famous? BS: Yes sir. No further questions. 

Roy Kronk
JB:After you made discovery, put aside by LE? RK: Not really, told to stay by my truck. JB: Deputy asked you to write statement? RK: Yes. JB: Detectives arrived and asked you to go somewhere to speak privately? RK: Just went to their car. JB: At that time you gave recorded statement? LE advised you they would record statement? RK: Yes. JB: Obviously you wanted to be truthful and give them as much info as possible. RK: Yes JB: Didn't tell LE you touched skull? RK: No, that I used meter stick to gently raise.  JB: Never stated you called them 4 times in Aug? RK: I called Crime Line.  
JB: LE talked to you again on Dec 17? RK: Yes. JB: It was then when you changed your story? RK: No. JB: Time you changed it was Dec 17? RK: That was first time officially, had changed it long before that. JB: Your 2nd statement, skull is out of bag vs drop out?  Why did you change your story? RK: After had a chance to calm down, run events through my mind, I realized it.  JB: Would you say you were excited or calm? RK: I was overwhelmed.  JB: Never mentioned meter stick in eye socket? RK: If I did, it wasn't intentionally.  I had helicopters over me, alot going on. JB: Make 7 statements before you mentioned sticking meter stick in eye socket? RK: I have no idea how many statements I gave. 

Deputy Edward Turso
Arrived on scene Dec. 11, 2008 He said Kronk never told him he called before.  JB:Did Kronk tell you he'd called Crime Line in Aug? ET: No. JB: Tell him not to tell anyone? ET: Not at all.

Yuri Melich
 Melich said he spoke to Kronk for about 15 mins on Dec. 11. Melich said Kronk never told him he called Crimeline that day. JB: Have to clarify with Kronk story of skull rolling out of bag? YM: Yes, obtained another statement from him.  Baez showed statement to Melich.  Dec 17, 2008 was the first time he realized Kronk called 4 times about remains.  Melich said "Outstanding" when he was told he can leave courthouse for the day.

 No Cross but LDB says Melich is "always subject to recall" Laughs around Courtroom. Melich talks to Burdich as he leaves.

 Dr. Sally Kariogh-Grief Expert and Professor at FSU
Asked about education and kept talking and going on about how she got jobs. Casey smiled as Ashton objected about narrative.  *She was trying to be entertaining I guess.She runs down certification/ experience / etc.  She is a traumatologist.  She says traumatologists interact with first responders, often to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder onset.
*some technical troubles due to weather here. At one moment they had audio trouble and it appeared President Obama was testifying! LOL*
This witness is going all over the place. Judge has to tell her to listen and answer only question asked.
She doesn't charge patients.  Says she treats people for free. Gets referrals from agencies in community.
Ashton has objected several times saying Karioth is not answering question and giving narrative.  Karioth said she was a contributor to the "Chicken Soup" books.  *the defense keeps bringing in the clowns!*  It was mentioned yesterday in the trial, that she has not interviewed Casey.  The defense wants Karioth accepted as expert in Grief and trauma. State objects.
Ashton questions her on journals she has worked on.  Ashton asks about articles she's authored...she lists some. JA: What peer-review journals? She names it, says it's online. Witness says book she contributed to for Parents mag was peer reviewed by Barnes & Noble! Ashton reminds her that Barnes & Noble is a publishing company! He also explains to her what Peer Review is. Peer review is a process of self-regulation by a profession or a process of evaluation involving qualified individuals within the relevant field.  She said the articles she claimed earlier that were peer reviewed were peer reviewed by people at Health Dept.  -Sidebar 10
*Source:River Cruz tells source in the hallway, "I'm irate."*
Ashton requested Dorothy Sims sit down and get comfortable while he questions in this voi dire.  Karioth says she has testified 12 times about grief. (civil and criminal cases)  Ashton objects, she is still accepted as an expert in fields of grief and trauma and she smiles proudly.
Says that people grieve in different ways. A plethora of differences she says. Sidebar after Ashton objects to her not testifying directly to this case.
Casey is forcing tears as Dorothy Sims asks her to take as a hypothetical a 22 year old mother with a 3 year old, who loves her and is an amazing mother, loses her child. DCS: What would be a typical reaction.  -Sidebar as Ashton objects. Casey stops crying.
Sims asks same question. Karioth says she has seen mothers who have lost children stay in bed for long periods of time. She also says she has seen moms clean up room, pack everything up and not speak of it. "too painful to have all these memories."Casey "cries"  Hypothetical: Drunk mom has car accident and kills baby- Karioth says she's seen "survivor guilt" or mom continue to keep drinking.
SK:Some mothers will go to grave everyday... Others won't go at all. *Casey looks at her fingernails to check if she can stab some tears out of her eyes.*
Sims is still giving hypothetical situations that is the exact life of Casey from pregnancy to missing Caylee. * Casey appears to be emotional during this testimony. Huge difference from when George testified earlier.*
Sims says assume: tiny woman gets pregnant: hid it for 8 mo: girl's mom is a nurse: unwed: lives with parents - (running down assumptions)How would someone grieve? 
SK: "Well that was very complex"SK: 2 ways people grieve: Healthy people make the journey, come out on the other side. When family has conspiracy of silence, don't air linen for other people to see, very likely response to trauma would leave others confused as to understanding it. Karioth says it could be typical to have no discussions on the matter.  Karioth says in that description (hypothetical) you need to look at everyone in family.
Sims wants to add to this hypothetical. For 31 days mom goes shopping, to bar, gets tattoo, rents movies...
SK: In this situation, like other young adults, they're reluctant grievers, demonstrate risky behavior with drinking, shopping.  She calls a young adult in this hypothetical a " reluctant grievers" Drink too much, not talk about it, retail therapy.   Casey is in extreme "tears"
SK: I see often risk taking, repeating things that happened to the person, having a great time, spending money *so shouldn't Casey have drowned herself!?*
Karioth said  person may look like they are having a good time, get into trouble, or spend money they don't have.
Sims asked how long this type of behavior may last? Karioth said it could last for years.
 *Does this Explain ZANY for all these years!!!!!!????* "Denial is a great tool for as long as you can make yourself believe it" said Karioth.

Cross Examination
JA: Being very very very happy consistent with grief? SK: Yes. There are 3 emotions. Is every state of demeanor between happy and sad consistent with grief? JA: Is promiscuity consistent with grief? SK: Maybe taking it too far.  Ashton asks about "interest in sex." Karioth says some patients think it can help with grief. Ashton said :"it doesn't matter what hypothetical I give you, you would say it's consistent with grief!"  Casey is angry now!  She says anything can happen for grief.  Karioth says she was first contacted in end of May beginning of June about this case. SK: I don't know the facts of this case. JA: when were you contacted about this case? SK: I got an email in June. I didn't know there was a trial.  
SK: When I got the email, I didn't know who the name was at first. She suggested people in Tallahassee.  SK: London carried it not at all (she was living there when contacted via email).
 JA: Have you ever worked with people who murdered their children?SK: Yes. Susan Smith trial. ( Susan Smith killed her two children and lied about it. She was convicted and is serving life in prison!) *Good job Ashton!* JA: And that was in context of trying to explain why Susan Smith murdered her kids? SK :Yes. Sidebar.
Karioth says "magical thinking" is when someone convinces themselves of something that isn't true.
Ashton starts telling Dr. hypotheticals!
 Yes, the same story as Casey! *yes, the jury is hearing it all over again! LOL*
Dr. says that person needs HELP!  She calls it her "magical thinking" theory.
Ashton says to imaging the mother killed her child! Sims objects and says no evidence. JA: I disagree
*THAT WAS AMAZING!* Again Casey looked PISSED!
Denial is a coping mechanism for grief and guilt.  Sims says the witness has not been tended as an expert in guilt. OVERRULED! Ashton said that if it doesn't involve grief, it's out of witnesses scope. She agrees.  Ashton says people can compartmentalize a horrible act. Karioth says people can come up with an almost merry way of telling stories.  She described difference between delusion and magical thinking.  Karioth says magical thinking is not the same as delusion.  Agrees that the bond between a mother and child is hard to break. She is excused after saying "I've seen lots of folks who ask for things that seem exquisitely unusual"

Jury is excused for the day.
Baez says the defense thinks they will rest tomorrow.  Judge Perry tells state to have witnesses available tomorrow afternoon (just in case).  Perry says closings could happen Saturday. But he says he may give attorneys a little extra time.  Burdick asks if things don't wrap up Saturday could closing arguments happen Sunday? Judge says possible. Closing can happen saturday. Deliberations could start Sunday. 


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