Friday, June 17, 2011

Vasco Thompson Speaks!

Casey Anthony's defense's surprise witness spoke out Friday in front the Orange County Courthouse.
According to Casey's defense,Thompson had contacted George 4 times the day before Cindy called authorities to report Caylee missing.
Thompson, with attorney Matt Morgan of the famed law firm Morgan & Morgan said he has nothing to do with the Casey Anthony case.
"I have no idea who George Anthony is, I've just seen him on TV. I've never talked to George Anthony," Thompson said.
Morgan claimed Thompson was brought in as a "scapegoat."
Thompson said the phone number referenced in the defenses' motion wasn't used until February of 2009.
"I don't know why they got me involved in all this mess," Thompson said.
Thompson was convicted on kidnapping charges from a 1997 arrest. He's been out of prison since November 2004.
With these new revelations, it seems doubtful that Judge Perry will allow him to take the stand.

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