Thursday, June 16, 2011

The defense begins introducing its case on the 3rd anniversary of Caylee's Disappearance

The state of Florida has presented its case of murder against Casey Anthony.
Now, it's her defense's turn to try and convince the jury that the 25-year-old mother is not a killer.
Also important to note, according to the Defense's opening statement, today is the anniversary of Caylee's drowning. They say George was the first to find Caylee drowned in the Anthony family pool. People having been dressing in pink/purple for Caylee. Ashton has on a purple shirt and tie.

Geraldo Bloise: CSI for OCSO-recall of this witness

-investigated Tony Lazzaro's car
-checked car for bodily fluids using alternate light source
-car tested negative
 -Bloise moved into the Anthony home after search warrant. He collected clothes. Didn't check George and Cindy's bedroom.
 -checked Casey's clothing in the closet to make sure there were no suspicious bodily fluids
-believes he did a thorough job
-found no stains on pants Casey was last wearing when she was seen with Caylee
-these pants were found in trunk of Casey's car
-Baez asks if Bloise talks while doing his inspection. He says no because he is by himself. Everyone (jurors, judge, Casey) all laugh

Cross Examination
-Burdick points out Cindy washed the pants.
-asks if Lazarro's car smelled like a dead body ? Answer no.

-asked if there had been trash in the car for 3 weeks. No.

Heather Seubert: unit chief at FBI lab. In 2008 she was in DNA unit
- expert in serology (examining bio fluids) court and jury recognize her as such
-swabbed stains on spare tire cover and they were negative for presence of blood
-also tested right side of trunk liner and again no blood was found.

*personal note:Not understanding the need to look for blood. Nobody said blood would be found*

- tested other clothing as well and they were negative for the presence of blood as well
-She also tested shovel for stains. Tested negative for the presence of blood.
-DNA profile was not generated from the shovel

George is shaking. Looks like he is going to cry. Bows his head down and leans it on his left hand fingers. He looks really stressed.  Casey writes down notes. Maybe a love note to Baez?

Baez brings out his clipboard again!

-lengthy explanation of DNA. Extremely boring! Baez really seems to be dragging this out and just losing his case right now!

-Talking about looking at 13 pieces of a DNA and copying them, etc.

Jury leaves courtroom:
-swabbing from shovel revealed an X DNA type. Which normally would reveal female DNA but she cannot be conclusive about that.  Ashton wants to know what is the relevance? Baez says the relevance is that there is something there. Nothing more.

Judge Perry tells Mr Ashton to calm down and then tells him to sit down. Casey reacts with raised eyebrows and slight smile.

Jury is back:
-Now talking about duct tape submitted to FBI lab from Medical Examiners office
-DNA result from top side of tape. Below FBI threshold reporting policy. Excludes Casey Anthony's DNA as well as Caylee Anthony
-witness writes on clipboard to help jurors understand what the heck she is talking about. Courtroom is just looking and whispers are seen. Everyone looks bored.
-Baez even asked if jury could raise their hands if they are confused. Perry: Let's not.
-Seubert says all of Anthony family could be excluded from analysis collected from duct tape.
- DNA matched an FBI technician.
-Seubert says it's possible contamination could have covered up any other DNA. But it would have to a lot of DNA covering up a tiny sample
-elements can destroy DNA
-Can you get DNA from an item that's under water? Seubert says possible but there are lots of factors that could hinder results.

This witness just likes to hear herself talk as well.

-Baez is asking if duct tape was put on "firmly" wouldn't there be skin cells? Seubert says think about ripping off bandaid.
-Seubert says she tested adhesive side of duct tape and results were inconclusive. Casey and Caylee were excluded.
-tested Caylee's shorts. No blood or semen.
-tested shirt remains as well. Positive for possible presence of blood. No DNA obtained.
-Blanket showed possible presence of blood. No DNA obtained.
-Laundry bag,another blanket showed positive but no semen. Baez strikes ref. of blanket. Not in evidence and has nothing to do with this 
-No blood on Caylee's doll. Cindy did wipe this previous to law enforcement arriving at house.

Baez talks about another report and Judge Perry asks if it's a long report. Baez says just a couple of minutes then they can have lunch.

-Baez asks if she conducted paternity test for Lee Anthony in regards to Caylee Anthony-Sidebar-recess for lunch

Jury not present

-Ashton says they have no good faith basis for asking about paternity tests for Caylee. Ashton is extremely upset at Baez.
Judge Perry says no questions leading to the inference police asked about Lee. Judge says he doesn't know what was in their minds...
Judge Perry tells attorneys they don't need to raise their voices or change inflections. He says he can hear just fine.

A family came to the courthouse to release balloons for Caylee.

Before jury comes in Casey is seen smiling, laughing, and "flirting" with attorneys.

-tested the car seat that was in the Pontiac Sunfire. Examined for blood and resulted in Negative.

Cross Examination
-Seubert says her tests can ONLY say if there was blood or not. Not show if it's decomp fluid.
-Seubert tells jury as body decomposes the likelihood of finding DNA goes down

Lengthy sidebar has jurors watching attorneys and rocking in their chairs.
Ashton and Baez walk away with big smiles on their faces. Court continues
This witness asks alot of questions and addresses the lawyers more than they address her!

-Ashton says reality is nothing can be taken from this correct? Seubert says the results in her report showed "inconclusive"
-Ashton says just because there was no blood at a crime scene doesn't mean there wasn't a crime. Seubert agrees

-if body is in plastic bag, fluids can leak onto carpet
-Seubert can't say how far in decomposing process DNA results would stop. Just that it starts to diminish
-It's 2:44 and Heather Seubert is done. She started testifying around 9:30am
 Recess till 3:05

Update: Press conference for "surprise" defense witness Vasco Thompson has been cancelled.

Robin Maynard: in 2008 was CSI with OCSO- recall
-collected item 313. Cardboard mat with pink heart shaped sticker
--The sticker was collected in what's called lane 6- about 45 feet from baseline

Another witness that had no point! Excused!

Ron Murdock: recall. OCSO Supervisor in Forensics Unit 
-Murdock is showing where lane 6 was (where heart shaped sticker and cardboard were collected)
-Murdock shows on his map the sticker was found about 30 feet from where skull was discovered.
witness excused! 

Jennifer Welch-CSI OCSO -Recall
-no bones found past lane 6
-identified trash found in different lanes in scene
-Welch says no bones were collected after lane 6 (45ft away) she is identifying trash collected and saying whether or not it was tested.

Cross Examination
-site could be classified as a trash dump

Lorie Gottesman: FBI Laboratory Division Supervisory Forensic Examiner
-accepted as expert witness
-received the 3 duct tape pieces that were found with Caylee, from the Medical Examiner's office
-Gottesman says there was no evidence of sticker on tape. Not fragments or residue.
 -It was Gottesman's DNA found on tape
-Gottesman says she wore gloves and handled everything with care. She doesn't know how her DNA got on the tape or when

Cross Examination
-compared bags to bags in Anthony home
-plastic bags collected from Anthony home to bags found at crime scene.State asks maybe/maybe not a match? Gottesman says right.

*note to Baez:
I understand attempting to discredit the witnesses and the Prosecution...However Mr. Baez, remember your opening statements...YOU opened the door to have a burden of proof upon YOUR team regarding the circumstances in which what events took place. Not to school you (some more), but you need to hurry up with your current witnesses or refocus, because you are confusing and boring everyone involved...myself included.
Cary Oien:  FBI analysist
-accepted as an expert in hair and fiber analysis                                                                                     -In 2008 Oien says he was managing trace evidence unit that included Karen Lowe and Stephen Shaw. -Found human hair on shovel                     
Cross Examination
-Don't know what hair means, how long it was in shovel, just that it was Caucasian
Court done for the day! That was painful and excrutiating to watch!

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