Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prosecution may rest its case today

 Warning: There are graphic photos in this blog. Do not continue if you do not wish to see.

The state's final witnesses will take the stand today in what has been a great historical trial.

 Prosecutors say Caylee was suffocated with duct tape, while the defense says she drowned in her grandparents' pool.

 Judge Perry apparently was confused and said Good Morning to the jury followed by laughter and correcting himself

Catherine Theisen: FBI Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Examiner, Chief of Quality and Assurance Unit at FBI in Quantico

-has testified as an expert 20 times
-has been accepted as an expert
-nuclear DNA is inherited from our parents, Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from our mothers
- tested Q12 (hair sample) from car and cheek (buccal) swabs from Casey Anthony
- the hair and cheek swabs show that neither Cindy, Lee, maternal grandmother or maternal uncles, Casey nor Caylee can be excluded from the hair sample
-received hair mass found at site with skull and submitted it for testing as well. The DNA type is the same type as the cheek and hair evidence.

Alina Burroughs: CSI OCSO
-part of search warrant on Anthony home and also was there to recover evidence at scene
-shown an aerial shot of East Orange County. Showing where home is in relation to location of remains found.
 -found different stickers in Casey's room. Heart stickers.

-hollowed out sticker backing is on envelope

Cross Examination
-The sticker backing is sitting on an envelope that has a $.37 stamp. Also in the box are items from baby shower.
 -Baez asks how long it's been since stamps were that price. Asks if stuff is old. Burroughs says not comfortable answering.
-Baez points out sticker page of stars. Burroughs says she also found a scrap book page w/ stickers on it in Caylee's room.
-Burroughs said she didn't find any stickers in master bedroom (George and Cindy Anthony room)
-Burroughs was at crime scene for 9 days.
-Burroughs ended saying sticker found in woods was thicker (bubbly perhaps) she says she did not find one like that at Anthony home.

Cindy Anthony

-Cindy says she was in LA when Caylee's remains were discovered.
-Cindy wasn't home when search warrant was executed. Prosecution is questioning Cindy's hair styles.
-says she noticed the Winnie the Pooh blanket (found w remains) went missing in May.
-prosecution asks Cindy about the length of Caylee's hair in a picture. Cindy says she would trim her hair every few months
 -Cindy says Caylee's hair was never processed.
-Casey started doing different things w her hair after Caylee was born. She cut it short or color it.

-hair found in trunk was brown. Cindy says she's been coloring her hair blonde for awhile and keeps it relatively short. 
-Cindy says Lee keeps hair short and never colors his hair.
-says her mother (lives in Mt Dora) has been in Pontiac SunFire before. Says Lee and Casey and Cindy have driven car
-she can remember black duct tape and maybe blue and possibly silver too at house
-duct tape was used at command center - but she doesn't recall if it was from her house or not.
-George told her he put a piece of duct tape on gas can. George told her when can came back from Sheriff's office vent cover was missing - put tape on it
-Cindy says she didn't know where duct tape from command center came from.
-Cindy says they put the canvas bags inside the black plastic bags in the garage

 -After search warrant Cindy says she never saw those bags again.
- says she never remembers seeing that shirt (shirt that was found on Caylee) before that July 2009 depo.

Jury asked to examine 313. 313 is sticker found with Caylee. Viewed through overhead projector and manually as well.
-George has put his arm around Cindy. They are both in the back of the courtroom.
-Jurors did not make any facial expressions while reviewing heart shaped sticker

When leaving stand Cindy Anthony did mouth I love you to her daughter. Confirmed w/ producer who reviewed tape.

Cross Examination
*Cindy looked down instead of straight ahead as she did with prosecution when answering
-Cindy says they've owned the Pontiac SunFire for about 8 years before law enforcement confiscated it. She got it in 2000
-Read deposition. In deposition, Prosecution asked if Casey used any duct tape after released from jail. Cindy said she didn't think so because George had it.
-Baez mentioned shorts in picture were the ones she was found with. Shorts were size 24 months. Caylee at time of death wore 3T. Baez claims person who put those shorts on her was not familiar with Caylee.

Jury just shown a close up of "missing Caylee" flyer which has a piece of Henkle duct tape. It came from a news report . The state also showed employment of George and Cindy Anthony.

Jennifer Welch- CSI OCSO
-took pictures of Casey's Bella Vita Tattoo

Bobby Williams: Tattoo Artist at Cast Iron Tattoo

-has known Casey for 7 years
-called a few days before she got tattoo piece on July 2. Set up appt. Tattoo cost $65. She seemed happy. Did not mention Caylee.
-said she wanted that phrase "Bella Vita" in a feminine font.
-after piece was done, she paid for everyone to eat pizza for lunch
-came alone on the 2nd and the 15th. She came in the 15th to set up appt. for herself and a friend.
-Mentioned Caylee was with the nanny and she will accompany Casey next time she gets tattooed.

Cross Examination
-Williams says it's common in his line of work for ppl to get tattoo's in honor or memory of someone.
-Baez asks if Williams did George or Cindy's tattoo's. He said no but state objected. Perry sustained.

-Casey did not look mournful

Last witness for the defense has been excused!!

Juror 11 handed notepad to deputy. Said it was full.

 Mason is asking for a mistrial again. Issues regarding heart shaped sticker. He says it has nothing to with case. Draws speculation. Also Mason says state tries to introduce remorse. Also brings up skull superimposed video again.
State says getting a tattoo of beautiful or good life is unusual behavior if daughter is missing or taken against will.
Judge Perry denies motion for mistrial.

Defense says they could not move up witnesses so they will begin their case Thursday. Defense tells judge they will be filing a motion for a directed verdict of acquittal tomorrow. They will basically say state failed to prove it's case and charges should be dropped

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