Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 9 continued

August 14, 2008 Days after Caylee's 3rd birthday George & Cindy Anthony
- Cindy started by telling Casey of the news story that Caylee drowned in the pool.
- Casey went on to say that she has become very upset and angry, and only wants to speak with her father.  She says no one will listen to her or let her talk.
- Cindy asks Casey about clues around the Lake County area, and Casey says she will get up and walk away, and demands to talk to her father.
- Casey tells George that he's the one she wants to talk to, deciding this after a long conversation the night before with Jose Baez.
- Casey tells Cindy that she chose George is because he doesn't ask her the same questions over and over again.
- Cindy asks Casey, do you think she's ok?  Casey says, "I know in my heart, I know in my gut she's ok."
-"I'm an emotional wreck. I'm running low on steam...I'm getting sick."
-"The negative things people are saying are 'sickening'
- George says she can trust him on video and at that moment Casey mouths, towards Baez, "not really"
- Casey talks about feeling miserable on Caylee's birthday, when she was missing.  In the courtroom, she starts crying again.
- This turned out to be the last visit they ever made to her in jail.

Judge Perry told Jury to disregard opinions heard on video about Baez. 

Cindy Anthony cries during the ninth day of the murder trial of her daughter, Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony cries in court as she watches jailhouse visits with her parents.

Dozens of people line up outside the Orange County Courthouse, hoping for a seat inside Courtroom 23 to watch the Casey Anthony trial. 

 Charity Beasley : Detective with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Beasley assisted with Det. Yuri Melich in collecting at the Anthony home.  Did not open any doors or trunk of Casey's car. The car was sealed with evidence tape. It was towed from the home to the evidence bay.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason told Beasley, "I'm over here," and motioned with his hand to look at him, not the jury as she's answering his questions. Judge Perry responded to Mason with shaking his head, "no."

Awilda McBryde: works in the Missing Persons unit at the Orange County Sheriff's Office, she has been employed in the unit for 10 years.  Went to Johnson's Wrecker to collect a bag of trash from the company. She and the jury looked at a picture, taken July 16, 2008, of the garbage bag inside the dumpster. She explained how she collected the bag of trash, with gloves in double bag. She said she only touched it.

Christine Nariewicz:  crime scene investigator with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. She explained how she took swabs of Casey's cheek.  She also explained how to test hair samples.
Baez cross-examined Narkiewicz on how contamination samples and procedures.

Geraldo Bloise: Bloise is a crime scene investigator with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, he's been with OCSO for 11 years.  He looked right at the jury when talking about his past careers and training.  Bloise processed Casey's white Pontiac Sunfire. He said it arrived to the evidence bay in good condition. Broke seal to the car and noted he smelled decomposition. He mentioned that he has smelled decomposing bodies in the past in his career.  Noted gas gauge was working properly.

Noted 2 dry leaves under car,  1 inside spare tire compartment, and a few under trunk liner. He also collected hair samples found in car. One was next to a tiny red fiber on the liner of the trunk, the other was on the edge of the trunk. Items are preserved, sealed and submitted into evidence.

Dirt particles containing hair was also found and preserved.

Baez questioned him on whether hair can be transferred by someone putting clothing items in the trunk. Especially since the car was 10 years old.  He was also questioned him on whether the smell was human or animal. Bloise answered that in his experience a human body decomposing is a smell you would never forget.
 He also questioned the accuracy of Bloise's report since the original notes had been shredded. Bloise kept repeating the fact that the report is written from notes in his original handwriting. Baez continued asking the same question rephrasing a couple of times before being sustained by the judge.

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