Saturday, June 4, 2011

I went to Suburban Drive

Ok, so my husband took me to look at the Anthony Family home. I was excited, I cannot lie! So when we got there I thought the house would be in a nicer neighborhood. It most def. was not.
The house was actually quite missable. We passed by 3 times, before we saw the house and that was because there were other people taking pictures of it.

We were not the only curious ones thank God.

The other thing we noticed was the fact that there was a police car and a sheriff's vehicle in the driveways of 2 different houses. Wonder if these people live there? 

Casey testified that she and George did not see the postal notice on the front door because the note blended with the color of the door. Looking at the peach/pink door that has a screen in front of it as well, it is understandable how it can be missed.

The shed has in fact been moved to block gate entry like Cindy testified as well.

The site on Suburban drive, where the body was found is about a 5 min walk and a min drive from the Anthony household. It is so close that it's ridiculous. There is no way that an ex-police officer (George Anthony) would leave a body there if he was trying to hide it. Honestly, no mildly sane person would throw a body there in hopes of hiding it. BUT, we are talking about Casey Anthony-GUILTY!

Baez claimed that Caylee's body could have easily been seen from the sidewalk across from the woods.
1. There is no sidewalk. Only a chain link fence that fences in the back of an elementary school across the site. 
2. There is no entry into this school from this area so there is no reason for cars or anybody to be walking here.
3. When you go to the area, all you see is garbage bags littering the place. I don't know about you, but I normally don't go looking through garbage.

I honestly believe that the jury should be taken to this location and be able to make up their minds themselves.

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