Thursday, June 2, 2011

Video Recording Part I

July 25, 2008 Visit with brother Lee Anthony. Call lasts 45 minutes long.
-Had not been charged with murder @ time of visit. Charged with child neglect and lying to police.
-Lee explains how jails calls work
-Tells Casey to send letters through Jail mail instead of letting info. out through phone recording
-Lee says Baez' interests is himself first, then Casey, then Caylee
-Casey heard about Baez through cell mates
-Casey tells Lee she is Baez' priority

Glances at Baez throughout recording
Baez objects, requests sidebar.
Judge denies it.

-Asked Casey to write letter to police.
-Mentions names of people Lee and police should trust
-Amy "most genuine person"
-Mom and Dad- "most definitely"
-Family has given letters to Jose Baez and he never gave them to Casey.
-Baez never returned calls to officers.

Casey laughed in court and on camera when Lee mentioned he "doesn't give a shit about Baez."

-Casey told Lee to "search locally"
-Casey said there are no leads at the Anthony family home
-tells Lee to check the computer and discs of photos
-tells Lee password to computer. Lee replies he did that already, it did not work. She asks who else has used computer because that's the password she used to log on.

Defense at this point asks for mistrial due to jailhouse videos. DENIED.

  July 25, 2008 George and Cindy Anthony. 36 min long
-Cindy and Casey tell each other they love each other
-Cindy: "We forgive anything you have said"
-Cindy tells Casey to raise her eyes so she can see them when she talks to them
- George: "We have to get that girl back. Keep your spirits high"
-Tells parents she misses them.
-Casey: "I miss that little girl"
-Zanny had a key to the house. Possibly has been in the house.
-George mentions he hopes Caylee comes home that day. Casey turns away from phone and whispers "I doubt it"
-"I'm protecting our family, not from anything I did"
-To George " You've been a great dad and the best grandfather"
-Casey could not pick up Zenaida out of a lineup.
-"I don't know if she has a middle name. Not that I've seen anything written."
-Continues lies about Zanny
-"My gut is telling me she's ok. She's not far. I know in my heart she's not far. I can feel it."

July 28, 2008-Lee Anthony
-Lee asks about possible phone #'s for Zanny
-"I have been keeping stronger faith than I ever have"
-Finishes by givinbg a thank you message to family, friends, community, and charities.

George Anthony looks furious as he looks at the video in court. Not much emotion from Casey as she looks on.

-"I miss her, I love her dearly. We'll stop at nothing to get her back. I know with every ounce of my being, we will be with her again."

All I keep thinking is that the defense will have to put Casey on the stand eventually if they even want a bit of a chance to win this case. The question is how will the jury be able to believe ANYTHING Casey tells them?

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