Monday, June 13, 2011

4th week of the Casey Anthony trial

As the Casey Anthony trial enters its fourth week Monday, prosecutors may be getting ready to rest their case of murder against the 25-year-old mother.

Casey in court today

Stephen Shaw : FBI hair and fiber examiner

- He is considered an expert witness.
- Shaw says he found signs of decomposition on the hair on the trunk
-The hair matched the hair in the brush. But Shaw says it is not a means of positive identification.
-Defense says they haven't seen the PowerPoint Shaw did and is going to talk about.
-Defense will now get a chance to see the PowerPoint b4 it is discussed in front of the jury.

This has to be the most boring part of the case up to date.  Once defense goes through the powerpoint slide by slide, the jury will be taken through it slide by slide

- Baez wants this PowerPoint thrown out. Says it was designed for this case & it's not accurate to compare hairs found in diff. regions.
-Judge will NOT allow Powerpoint. Court finds it "troubling" it was not given to defense ahead of time. A win for the defense.
 -Jury saw picture of hair with apparent decomposition. It has a black band in the middle of the hair.

Cross Examination
-Shaw says he cannot say for sure the hair came from a decomposing body.
-it's a transfer of hair whether it's one hair or alot of hair
-heat can increase rate of decomposition, but not my area of expertise

-the hair mass in the brush like appearance is an indicator of advance decomposition

Elizabeth Fontaine: FBI Examiner
 She talks very slowly and clearly and looks at the jury

-Fontaine looked at 3 duct tape strips from remains
-hair approx. 6-8 inches in length
-notes indicate glue was almost gone and no longer sticky
-Fontaine knew tape was found on remains she examined possible fingerprints on tape.
-Found no fingerprints but found outline of heart on ducttape
-approx. the size of a dime
-the outline of the heart resembles the glue or debris if you would wear a bandaid for a long period of time

-Conducted a test that used RAM. Type of Dye and typical black power with alternate black powder in order to lift the print
-This is all new to jury. They did NOT see the picture of heart stickers in Anthony's home on Saturday.

Cross Examination
-Fontaine is 2nd person to look at duct tape. 3 pieces examined. She looks for visible prints first.

State has no more witnesses today. They should conclude presentation tomm. or sometime by noon on Wednesday according to Judge Perry. Defense would start on Wednesday. So far they are ahead of schedule. Depending on length of Defense's presentation, probably by the end of next week, evidence will be concluded. Get the jury deliberating the 25th or the 27th subject to change.

Court will restart tomm. at 1:00 pm
Enjoy the rest of the day! I know I will!

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