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Defense is set to finish it's case this week!

Ann Finnell, a Jacksonville attorney who joined Casey's defense team in September 2010 as a death penalty expert to replace Andrea Lyon is in the courtroom.  She hasn't been seen since jury selection in Pinellas County.  As soon as everyone including Casey arrived, all the attorneys and court reporter moved into Judge Perry's chambers.  A happy Casey is wearing a white, collared, button down business-like shirt.   At one moment Casey even high-fived Ann Finnell.  She is extremely happy to say the least!  Reports are that  Cindy and George are happy as well.
Ann Finnell filed a motion for mistrial and asked for a non death penalty qualified jury.
 Perry says on Saturday the defense filed motion for competency. 3 doctors examined Casey and she was found competent to continue! YES!!!!
Motion to determine competency says, "Counsel reasonably believes Ms. Anthony is not competent to aid and assist in her own defense."  The motion to determine competency to proceed however is being filed and Perry says it can't be sealed. (doctors reports will be though).  Casey is likely not going to take the stand if her defense team was alleging she is incompetent.

I wonder if the jury will be told what happened. If they are told, they will see that the defense is really trying to get rid of these charges.  I also wonder if Casey decided to act crazier than normal in order to get her team to believe she is incompetent. HAHA! She can't get through Perry and psychologists!

Yuri Melich

JB:You misspoke in some testimony? YM: Yes, in regard to cell phone records. Was thinking of different set of records for Kronk. Records for Kronk were from June-July 2008 (not til Dec as he'd previously testified).  JB: Didn't seek phone records from Aug-Dec 2008, even though he found body? YM: Correct.  JB: Kronk lives in St. Cloud? Yes. Bit of distance from where remains found? Yes.  JB: Other times you've misspoken to this jury? YM: Not to my knowledge. You're suggesting I intentionally gave wrong info. I didn't.  Is there something you want to bring up?  Baez brings up why Melich  subpoenaed cell phone records of Casey's friends, ex boyfriends, and people she had contact with as well as some computers from some of them.  Baez also asked about another woman who claimed to have information about case. She also said she was an informant for George Bush.  Baez now pointing out Melich got computer records from others, but not from Kronk.  Baez started asking about a certain email and Melich repeatedly asks Baez to see email he is being quizzed about. Baez finally hands it to him.  JB: First Dec search at Anthony home, had knowledge of items found at Suburban, including Pooh blanket? YM: Yes.  JB: Share anything about investigation with the Anthonys? YM: Don't recall. JB: Normal to share info with people at home of search? YM: Not abnormal to share with victims of homicide, but can't recall sharing specific info that day.  Baez is  trying to show that Anthonys (I'm guessing specifically George) had inside info about crime scene via Melich's sharing.
Baez asked Melich is he ever searched George or Cindy Anthony's cars with cadaver dogs. He answered no.  Baez shows Melich a map to show jury area of remains, distance from Anthony home.At this point, don't know why, Casey smiled.  Melich comes off stand at Baez' request so they can use the poster to point out area of remains, Anthony home to jury. JB: Casey arrested July 16 2008? YM: Yes. JB: Out on bond short period from late Aug - Oct?  YM: Don't recall dates, but don't dispute that.  She was subject to electronic monitoring, house arrest. Baez asked about media trucks; Melich says he doesn't know how many.  Basically trying to state that Casey was monitored at all times.

Cross Examination
Melich said he never received report either George or Cindy's car smelled like a dead body had been in them.  Said, Cindy reported Caylee missing and Casey lied about babysitter and all imaginary friends as well.  Melich says some of those people who had their phone records subpoenaed was because he was looking for Zanaida Gonzalez.


IDs drawing that shows forensic bay garage and Casey's car. Melich says it's what he recalled of the date Forgey was called out to inspect car; drawing includes forensic bay.   Baez asks about  Joe Jordan's (helped in search) email and is objected and Perry sustained. Jordan blogged about the searches he did for Texas EquuSearch

Michael Vincent: CSI from OCSO. Assistant Supervisor.


Baez has Vincent ID drawing done earlier at hearing in this case. JB: Testify Forgey checked only 1 car? MV: Yes.

Geraldo Bloise: CSI

Bloise looks at same drawing of forensic bay already shown to Melich, Vincent. Bloise said K-9 deployed on only one car in forensic bay.

Cross Examination
Bloise tells Burdick he documented/investigated Casey's car.

Baez, Burdick and George all met up and joking around with each other

*personal note: No further questions  means one more question according to Baez*

Deputy Jason Forgey:Dog Handler

Id's drawing that he drew in regards to investigation. Forensic Bay garage and Casey's vehicle as well as another vehicle.  JB: Testify there were 2 cars on which you deployed dog? JF: Yes. JB:Unknown to you whose car other was? JF: Yes.  Deployed dog on other gar in garage as well, "no real reason" why.

Cross Examination
LDB: Regardless number of cars, you still knew the Sunfire was car in question, correct? Forgey: Yes ma'am.

Dr. Kenneth G. Furton:  Chem/bio-chem professor at FIU

Furton is a PHD in analytical chemistry. Dr. Furton focuses on separating and identifying complex chemicals from forensic specimens. He has looked into how canines identify bodies, chemicals given off by remains.  First time testifying in trial regarding human decomp.  As forensic chemist,  over 2 dozen times.
Ashton, Baez agree Furton is qualified in human decomposition, but only as it pertains to odor analysis.  Furton reviewed reports by Oakridge Nat. Lab.  Baez says the are taking Furton out of order because of his schedule.  JB:Is there unique signature of compounds for decomp? KF: My expert opinion is no scientifically valid instrument for IDing decomp. Baez asks to use Furton's PowerPoint as demonstrative aid (not as evidence).  *More science stuff*  Diagram of gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS). Furton explains its use in this application.  The GCMS separates and IDs chemical compounds. In mass spectrum, the molecule breakdown helps identify.  Furton says he uses known compounds from a company to test on machine, compare to results in testing.  Furton says graph shows chemicals living bodies give off, each person having a unique "bar code" of chemicals.  Furton steps down to help explain with large poster how chemicals are arranged in groupings of acids/alcohols/etc.
KF: Idea is that when trying to locate remains, what are chemicals that are given off by deceased. Chart is summary.
Apparently Velveeta has many same chemical compounds found in human decomp.  Furton says chloroform is everywhere, common in low quantities. Can be high in certain products like bleach. Objection/sidebar
Furton says chloroform seen in many cleaning components, even in drinking water.

Below is a video of the reason why we are all intrigued by this case. This is the reason why we are all here. To see Justice for Caylee. Let's not forget that:

Legal matters after recess and before Jury enters: Judge doesn't want Furton to take stand and just regurgitate Vass' study - that's hearsay. Judge won't require proffer but cautions def that if it comes out on cross that based on hearsay, testimony can be stricken.Baez performed a proffer anyway in order not to have any more delays.  A proffer is a testimonial without jury present.
 Judge Perry is also granting reimbursement of $6850 for Defense psychiatrist William Weitz. No longer defense witness.
Jury returns
JB: You were explaining what types of products chloroform can be found in. KF: Most common bleach; butter, oils, cheese. JB:After looking at 5 compounds Vass found in this case, do you have an opinion if they are makeup of human decomp? KF: Yes I do. Those 5 compounds not unique to human decomp; some are in household products, decomposing organic matter, trash.

Cross Examination
Ashton shows spare tire cover to Dr. Furton. JA: See any bleach stains?KF: None that I can see. Baez desperately objecting, trying to keep that from coming near Furton. JA: If bleach spilled on dark surface, would it reflect some evidence of bleach being spilled on it? KF: If directly on carpet. JA: Deliberate mixing of chloroform & giving to child vs. coincidental creation of chloroform, you didn't analyze that? KF:Correct.
JA: Great deal of difference between human and animal decomp. KF: Yes. Furton agrees only Stratheropoulos & Vass looked at whole-body decomp. 
Furton's student took odors from parts of decomposing human bodies.  JA:Studies that looked at whole-body found more compounds than studies that looked at only parts? KF: No, many in all studies.

*personal note Linda Drane Burdick's mom is in the courtroom*

Furton said Vass' study/ experiment is more comprehensive then others.  Also said that Vass did not run standards to see mass spectrum.  One woul normally run standards.  KF: Vass' study is still ongoing research. "There's add'l work that really needs to be done."  JA: So unless you discredit studies, and you don't, they could come from decomp? KF: I am discrediting.  JA: You think Vass did not find chloroform/chloride? KF: Think he saw them based on mass spectrum. Ashton reads from Furton's deposition Saturday. Ashton asked if a decomposing body in trunk explain findings- Furton said possibly.  Ashton says Furton's testimony is changing today compared to Saturday's depo.  Furton agrees something was decomposing in trunk of car.  JA: No meat in salami package. Not enough to create odor detectable by methods used. KF: Unlikely.  JA: And odor wouldn't permeate entire trunk and produce levels found. KF: By itself, not likely to produce substantial odor.  JA: Velveeta -- how much is milk product? KF: Don't know, but main ingredient is milk, milk fat, not much cheese.  Ashton shows actual Velveeta box to Dr. Furton.  Dr. says it appears no product at all in it. Says as is now, wouldn't produce substantial odor.  This is entertaining. Ashton shows Furton individual pieces of trash from trunk and asking if it would smell like decomp.  Dr. Furton says if garbage was wet and had some decomposing matters it would. *Baez looks defeated at this point. Casey was talking to him and he looked like he just wanted her to shut it! Baez scratched his head and looked at his hand to see what he produced from his scalp!*
Jury actually held garbage with gloves and sniffed it!  Furton says he doesn't  know enough of background materials. They could be contributors not saying they were the source.

Never testified there was a black stain on the carpet.  JB: In your opinion would chemicals from body buried for year assist you in evaluating evidence in this case? KF: Limited use.  Chemicals from bodies buried underground show similarities, but also differences as well from those not buried.  
*Ashton looks bored*
Baez shows garbage photo (side by side, as found vs. drying room). JB: See differences? KF:Appears removed, spread out.  JB: You dont know if prior to put in dry room, food items might've been thrown away? KF: I'm not aware of that.  JB: Would you say this trash appears pretty clean? KF: Yes. JB:Not exactly what you'd see in trash of 3 college students? Obj/sustained.  *garbage looks clean? Really Baez!?*  Apparently Baez wants to imply that LE cleaned out the garbage!
Jose Baez now showing Dr. Furton chewing tobacco spit on edge of can from garbage in trunk.  Says person who spit out tobacco was not a very good shot. Several jurors laugh.

*personal note : When Baez mentions "no more questions" that usually means one more question.*

JA: Strongest smell would be closest to source? KF: Yes, from highest concentration  And when source is moved, highest concentration of odor goes with it? KF:Depends. JA: If in bag, then when bag gone, odor goes?  KF: If bag had leak, odor would remain, but if bag intact and moved, majority of odor would go w/bag.  JA: Anyone ever said that bag had strong offensive odor similar to decomp?
Objection/sustained.  Rephrases. KF says no reports indicate any odor from that bag.

Sgt. John Allen:OCSO

This is the first we've seen of Ann Finnell at trial. Hasn't been part of it since jury selection.She gives several items of evidence to Allen.  The package contains two video recordings. The videos were recorded by a private investigator, James Hoover. 

Cross Examination:
LDB: James Hoover was affiliated with Dominic Casey (another investigator who worked with Baez)? JA: Yes. Knew him from start of case to be invest with Baez?
LDB is asking Allen about relationship between Hoover and PI Dominic Casey and the relationship they had with these men. LDB: Dominic Casey would email John Allen with locations for a "live" Caylee Anthony.  JA: Hoover tried to sell the videos to the National Enquirer.  Allen says Dominic Casey first worked for defense and then Anthony family. It appears LDB is trying to discredit D. Casey and Hoover.

AF: After Oct 2008, Dominic Casey began working with Anthony's?
He believes so, says that based on what DC told him.

James Hoover:Licensed Private Investigator

Hoover says he is a licensed private investigator, but got involved as a private citizen at first.  Hoover says he worked with Dominic Casey.   James Hoover said he tried to keep harassment buffer in front of house, like a bodyguard.  JH: Only followed up 1 tip with him (Dominic Casey), Nov 15 2008. JB: Tell us what you did.  JH: Met DC at office at 8:15 that morning; they went to Suburban Dr. They'd been scheduled to do security at G&C meet/greet.   JB: Was Caylee supposed to be standing off Suburban Dr? JH: No, in a wooded area and deceased. JB:Videotaped it? JH:Most of it.

Link to video:
Video is 11:33 sec.  4 min. in they get to go inside the woods.
You see Dominic Casey (DC) cut through trash bags, move some dirt with a little shovel.
Hoover said he reviewed first 20 seconds or so, seemed to be the tape he made. Baez moves into evidence.
Video was filmed approx. 1 month before body was found.  Hoover says Casey knew he was taping him.
Defense wants to show this area had no remains in Nov '08 and were PLACED there later when Casey was in jail.  This tape is about 50-75 yards from where Caylee was found. I've been there. 
As jury watched video, Hoover was describing how far they went into the woods.  Video tape shows  Dominic Casey, going into the wooded area on Suburban drive. Hoover says Dominic Casey was looking for Caylee's remains. That's why he was cutting open black plastic bags.
 Hoover says Dominic Casey was looking for Caylee's remains. That's why he was cutting open black plastic bags.
Hoover says Dominic Casey found a small blanket but not sure what kind of blanket. Video was made  Nov. 16, 2008.
 Hoover was shown a photograph of an overhead view of Suburban Drive/Hopespring Drive and was asked to ID on picture where they parked and searched.Casey watches the video intently.
JB: Did you report to George and Cindy what you did/didn't find? JH: No sir, not at time.
Baez shows him another aerial map.
Hoover says it was suggested by a famous bounty hunter the video could be worth something.  Hoover says he would have given the money to Dominic Casey and the Anthony's because he didn't need it.
Hoover says he never tried to negotiate a price for the video. He says it was never for sale.  He was told the video was worth $200,000.  JB:Met with LE and didn't give them this video, but another one purporting to be this one? JH: Gave 2, 3 videos, thought 1 taped over

Cross Examination
LDB: You were trying to hold out for highest bidder on video, correct? JH:Wrong.  
Hoover says he thought the video of DC in the woods was taped over (Xmas parade) he says when found, he called attorney, handed video over.  LDB: Turned over after you tried to get LE to talk to some strange woman on Suburban Dr? JH: She followed me to LE.  LDB: Same day you turned over worthless videos to LE? JH:Yes. LDB: Was 2-3 wks later you found tape of woods? JH:Yes.
JH tells LDB: "Listen carefully."
Explains he thought tape he gave LE was one from woods that was taped over.   LDB:To this day, don't know exactly where Caylee skull/remains located, correct? JH: No. LDB: See a red Disney bag? JH:No.
LDB:Didnt see any water in woods? JH: Second day I did. LDB: How far in? JH:About 15 ft or so into woods. Wore clothes more suited 2nd day.

 JB: I had nothing to do w/this video; you gave to LE? JH:Yes.

Dominic Casey: Licensed PI 

He says some overlap in working for defense and George and Cindy.  Followed up on tips for them, security work, investigating.  Protesters started congregating at Anthony home around 1st week of Sept, best of his recall. AF:Until when, end of Oct? DC:Correct. Dominic Casey says he would sit at gas station for 30 min or longer after leaving Anthony home to make sure protesters didn't come back.    Dominic now looking at image of suburban drive, drawing an "A" where he used to park and look for unruly protesters.  He says he left his car windows down typically, never smelled any bad smells.
 DC says he asked Cindy to send Luke Phillips something of Caylee's. Cindy sent her a teddy bear.  Defense asked Dominic about package he received for Cindy Anthony. It had the teddy bear inside.  DC: Man who sent the teddy bear had contacted Anthonys, offered to help. Represented/works with psychics. 
Dominic says James Hoover was a volunteer who showed up and offered security to Anthony's a few days after protesters showed up.  Dominic says he went to Suburban Dr with Hoover. They were not coworkers, Dominic says.  DC says he was on the phone with Jeanette Lucas the day at Suburban Dr. He says she was a psychic. Dominic is using telestrator to show where he searched with Hoover.  Dominic say he went to Suburban Dr after talking to a psychic. He was looking for Caylee there.  Dominic says he walked away from Hoover (who was in car) so Hoover couldn't hear and then he called Lucas. Dominic says he went about 25 ft into woods. When he emerged he saw Hoover videotaping and he was upset.
Says that there was water (2-3) inches about 20ft in from the curb.  He was specifically looking for 3 white paver stones. Was not looking for garbage bags but saw a "tremendous" amount of garbage bags.  When testifying about what the psychic told him to do, he caught himself and said "oh, I can't tell you anything [hearsay]. So what do I do?" Courtroom laughed.

Dominic says he went to a vacant house after leaving the woods. Implies psychic told him to go there.  AF: Nov 16, go back to Suburban? DC: Yes. AF: Why? DC:To prove a psychic wrong. AF:Take JH with you? DC: Yes. Telestrates where parked on 16th.
He brought a probe to poke soft, silty sand, move leaves. Didn't want to reach in w/bare hand/snakes.
He went a third time around the 18th or 19th. This time Hoover was not with him. Went a third time for "relief".  (Defense claimed that nobody would ever go into that area for "relief" as Kronk did) He telestrated the path where he walked.  AF:What were you looking for as walking? DC:Wasn't looking for anything. Was just looking around.  AF: On any visits, see or handle any evidence related to this case in any way? DC:Not to my knowledge.  AF:See any bags/debris that appeared to contain human remains? DC: No.

Cross Examination 
FG: Job was to investigate circumstances of Caylee's disappearance? DC:Yes.  Sidebar
FG: Fair to say even after you went to work for George and Cindy, had contact with Baez? DC:Yes.  FG: First time you went to Suburban was b/c of psychic? DC:Yes. FG:Cindy pretty desperate to find out what happened by that time? How would you describe Cindy's demeanor and mood during that time? DC:Traumatized, distraught, missing granddaughter. FG:And George similarly traumatized, distraught? FG:Absolutely. FG:You went into woods to help them, to find Caylee if there? DC said he wouldn't quite say that, that he went b/c of following up on psychic tip.  State asked Dominic to mark on another photo where he and Hoover parked in Suburban Drive on the first trip.  FG:Came out same way you went in? DC: Yes. Asks to mark how far he went in. DC says would be very inaccurate, can estimate feet. FG: Remember ever saying you went 30-40, even poss 50 ft into woods? DC says that's quite possible.   He said he saw numerous trash bags like people throw yard trash.He cut a few open.  And found a tore up bath mat.  Did not see a red Disney bag.  FG: Water there, 2-3" deep? DC:If you walked in about 20-25 ft, be standing in water approx ankle-deep; elevation drops from street. I don't want to give you the impression that it was a river. 
*personal note:this old man is cutesy....that is all :) *
He is shown another picture and marking where they parked the second visit they went to Suburban Drive.
Reporter Adam Longo from CFNEWS13  "I interviewed Dominic Casey in 2009. He told me he was on phone with his daughter, not a psychic when searching woods"  

*Casey looks PISSED as this witness seems extremely confused and even tells the judge he is confused! Baez is trying not to laugh*  
DC: Think I may be getting mixed up here. Spoke w/Lucas from Suburban Dr. We're talking about same thing? FG: Yes. DC says he had a garden trowel. FG had said "little shovel," and DC wanted to clarify it wasn't a shovel.  Dominic Casey has seemed flustered, confused at times. He's having issues hearing. DC says he learned for the first time today that there was audio on the tape. He didn't know that until today.  DC says he told Hoover he could tape but without the audio.  FG:Aware Hoover was taping? DC:That he was "hazing?" FG:No, that he was taping. DC: I need to clarify.   Dominic is now looking again at a photo of the woods he previously marked, showing where he entered. 

DC says he is giving approximate differences because he didn't have a tape measure and it was 3 yrs ago.  Dominic says he was questioned by state attorney's office about his searches. Marked a map for them in March.  Asking when he spoke to LE if he was asked to draw on a map to show locations.He answers not to his knowledge. 

*personal note----this guy's testimony was HYSTERICAL and quite entertaining!!!. I only wish I could have a clip for those who don't have the access to see this*

Have a good evening!

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