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Computer searches may take center today

Kristin Brewer: Osceola County Sheriff's Office Dog Handler

-verified Bones' (cadaver dog) records
-second dog handler to be called out to the Anthonys' home in 2008 after Orange County Deputy Jason Forgey
- Bones has been trained on human blood, bone, tissue, semen, teeth, placenta
-Bones has attended several training schools
- went over nearly every call Bones went out on. Bones found body buried in woods, has also found dead animals too.
-Let Bones off lead on backyard. Did a quick search of the yard. Checked pool, screened porch some corners. There was an area of interest that he kept returning to. Gave a final alert (sat) in the same area Forgey indicated in his testimony yesterday.
-Forgey told him, Gerus indicated 6-8 ft from that location.

Casey just does alot of talking to Dorothy Sims.

-Landscape had been disturbed by members of the Orange County office. No alerts given on Day 2. Opinion is that sheriff's office did too much around the area and possibly scraped off the area alert was given.

Cross Examination
-when training dogs, they try to use cars that the history is known.
- deployed dog where Sheriff's asked him to. Wasn't asked to bring Bones into house or screened in porch.
-Not aware of any searches done inside home.

Sandra Osborne: Computer Examiner for Orange County Sheriff's office for 21 years

-goes through her degrees and certifications for the jury
 -has testified in court as an expert on previous occasions
-recieved Nokia cell phone as evidence
-using a specific application, Osborne can receive text messages, picture and audio files, contact lists, calls received/sent etc
-At the time she received cell phone,  only contact list and music files could be extracted from Nokia phone.
-received laptop computer as well as desktop computer from Detective Beasley

Again Casey just does alot of talking. This time to Baez. What the hell is she saying? Shouldn't she be paying attention to what's going on. Observation: Casey's eyebrows seem to be disappearing as the trial goes on.

- received Polaroid digital camera, Nikon Cool Pix camera as well
-June 15, 2008 video on the camera
 15 min recess
-Casey writes down notes as Osborne notes what software programs were on the computer. Not paying attention to anything being said at all. Innocent worried mother behavior? I think not.
-Osborne tells jurors she can pull up ANYTHING that's EVER been on a computer - even deleted files
-The HP computer had two user accounts : Owner and Casey
-initially tasked with fishing expedition of Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez and any info as to where Caylee could be
- Osborne says she located references to Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales in "temporary Internet files
-Osborne says there were searches (high school reunion sites, people search) Near time frame of July 16,2008. No searches prior to that date
-Osborne says she found resumes of George Anthony's. Not a lot of business type files. She says she saw a lot of Internet history.
-Osborne says there was 4 1/2 years worth of Internet history (she says the Anthony's didn't clear their cache)
-In March 2008 an "owner" acct w/ password protection was created. The password was rico23
-Osborne says Det. Yuri Melich asked her to do a search on computer for "chloroform" in lat Aug 2008
-the word "chloroform" appeared in a deleted space. She was able to recover complete history from Firefox
-Osborne also looked over computer belonging to Ricardo Morales. Sgt. John Allen gave it to her
-She was asked to look for any pictures of Caylee wearing a pink shirt with purple writing on it
- It's the picture of Caylee and Casey on Ricardo's bed. Caylee is wearing the "big trouble comes in small packages" shirt.

Cross Examination
-Baez points out multiple people could use 1 profile.
-no references to the word chloroform in Ricardo Morales' computer
-Couple at dinner. Man w/ napkin peering over woman's shoulder. It reads "win her over w Chloroform" This was on his MySpace page
- That pic (released in discovery) was on Ricardo Morales' MySpace page. Baez asks why Osborne didn't find it on her search?  Osborne says that photo may not have been on his computer at time of her exam

-word chloroform would not show up since it's a picture. It would be pixelated because it is part of an image. It would not show up as text

Kevin Stinger: Sgt. of computer crimes @ OCSO

-accepted as an expert in computer analysis
-reviewed Detective Osborne's work of computer sweep
-was made aware of chloroform computer search
-keyword search was in unallocated space (analogy of library -in card catalogs you would know where book is stored on the shelf. Computer to find files has to look for the name of the file and locate it. Unallocated- the card or entry becomes destroyed but the data -the book-is still there)
-even if internet history is deleted the information can still stay there
-Mozilla Firefox does not store user name in deleted history. Internet Explorer will keep the username.
- extracted information to files. And used a number of diff tools to examine computer.
-Stenger says the history spans from March 4,2008 -March 21, 2008
-got all the files to display correctly despite changes w/ daylight saving times
-March 17 and 21 -Dates filtered out because of searches on chloroform on Firefox

Cross Examination
-sometimes people delete history if computer is running slow

John Bradley- self employed software company owner. prior law enforcement history

-accepted as an expert witness

- Bradley's the one who found the search for "how to make chloroform."
 -Bradley says he was asked (by Stenger) to look at thumb drive- file from hard drive - data file of Internet history.
-Bradley says he dumped the info on thumb drive onto a separate computer. He says it was "interesting" none of history had been overwritten
-history had to have been deleted manually
-report shows the web address- how many times it was visited- what browser was used- and the URL
- reviewed his report and explaining how search engines (google) work
- A search returned a wikipedia address on chloroform. Also a result for Wikipedia "alcohol
-Bradley says other searches were "self defense", "inhalation", "death", "ruptured spleen", "chest trauma", "internal bleeding", "hand to hand combat"
-Bradley says within 15 minutes someone searched those items.

 BREAKING NEWS: Robyn Adams, Casey's jailhouse pen pal, has been booked into the Orange Co. Jail from Tallahassee. 

-It appears whoever was on this computer also looked at someone else's Facebook page- again Bradley says it could have been a bookmark.
-3-21-08 User Generated activity shows web pages showing how to make Chloraform (spelled incorrectly) pressed search and got new searches with chloroform spelled correctly
-Testified that neck breaking also was searched(genuine search)
-Someone on the computer also looked for "making weapons of household products"

Cross Examination
-asked to come down as a witness and happily said yes. His concern is not to get paid or advertising.
-He admits there is info on his web page that states that it has been used in the Casey Anthony case
-does not hurt promotion of product but the purpose is not to make $. The purpose is to assist people who may want to be it and know if it's reputable.  The line: "The No. 1 Choice for Internet forensic investigations" was placed there prior to this case

Again Baez, is doing what he does best. Be a Horrible Lawyer. He gives the witness a 50 page document and expects him to find what he is questioning him on without giving him a page number!

This image was on Casey's Laptop. It reads: Why do people kill people, who kill people, to show that to kill people is bad? It has yet to be entered into evidence and I have no idea if it will be. I found it and thought it was interesting. Notice how the girl resembles Caylee.

- Baez  asks how many seconds (time) go by on page after chloroform searches.
- Baez tells the witness about a search for a book ; Self-Defense for Women, and continues to ask questions about it after the witness has repeatedly tells him he can't find that entry and if Baez could assist or enlighten him.
- "I believe we are referencing two different reports" -Bradley    HAHAHA! Oh Baez, Again I repeat, YOU SUCK!
-Not familiar with the movie "Shovel"  *personal note: I cannot find a movie called Shovel. Found movies mentioning Shovel in the title, but no reason to look for Shovel*
-"I think that the information that can be gleamed from here can have great context for the person reviewing the information."-Bradley
-Bradley says he was only asked to decode not analyze and look at every single page.
- Baez states that the time spent on these searches could be a tiny amount depending on how long a person spent on the computer in March.  *Personal note: I despise that fact that Casey thinks she is helping anyone by acting like she is looking at documents and handing binders to Baez while he is preparing to question the witness.*

-Person was "surfing" the web for information on chloroform and weapons. 
-Burdick: "If someone types in the words 'how to make chloroform, maybe they. are." OBJECTION! Sustained.
-Cannot tell if items were printed for later review
-According to history a science website on chloroform, was visited 84 times!


-Baez asked him to testify on someone else's report. Objection. Sustained.

George keeps glancing at Casey and blows (as if exhausted) through his closed lips.

As court was dismissed Casey kept looking at Baez and Mason and seemed to be upset while talking 

*personal note: the next 3 days, I will not be writing live reports as I have family that will be visiting from out of state for my daughter's pre-k graduation i will still be writing reports however, just not live*

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