Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 12 Casey Anthony Trial

More forensic evidence is being heard today. Prosecution says they expect to be done with all their witnesses by June 17.

Recall of Geraldo Bloise: Lead CSI

-received garbage bag that was in Casey's trunk
-placed wet garbage items in "Dry Room" for 2 days then removed and placed in evidence locker
-smelled like "normal trash", but did not smell like the car did
-contained 37 items which included : empty cigarette box, clothes hanger, napkins, velveeta cheese box, aluminum foil, Arm & Hammer, laundry detergent bottle, soda cans, 4 dryer sheets, bottle of crystal light, pizza box, receipt from FUSION ultra lounge, and papers from Full Sail University
-detailed for the jury all 37 items

Cross Examination
-Did not think he ruined any evidence by having evidence dried

-Items need to be dried because it's better conditioned to be examined. If wet , there is a concern of mold
-Questions were objected and sustained regarding DNA collection. Out of witnesses scope.

Recall of Dr. Arpad Vass
-shown correct air collection can as opposed to the one that he was shown yesterday

Cross Examination
-Baez: "You testified about a can you did not examine yesterday?" Vass: "I saw a can"
- Baez Asks did Vass misidentify yesterday because he's not used to evidence since he works in a research lab not a forensics lab.

Dr. Michael Richenbach: FBI Forensic Chemist
-has testified as an expert witness 10-15 times
-detected odor when opened can of air sample
- Chemicals consistent of chloroform was identified on spare tire cover and trunk liner. Residue of chloroform identified. Small amount.

Cross Examination
-Chloroform has been detected in detergents and other household items
-Items that he has detected chloroform in were in very small amounts such as what he found in the trunk
-Baez asked if a bathing suit could give those results but It was objected/sustained

-mostly has tested chloroform in liquids
-Surprised to have gotten any result at all. Normally he says they would disappear
-Ashton asked how tire cover was packaged. It was in cardboard box which would allow chloroform to leakout bc it's not airtight.

-never tested for chloroform in air samples.

Jason Forgey: Sheriff's Dog Handler
-Ran down training of dogs
-The dog is trained to detect cadavers (human decomposition) The dog would sit when alerting
-dog detected decomposition in the Anthony family home and in her car
-has trained dogs to find drowning victims
-trained around: dumpsters, food, decomposing animals, horse rings (where horses are trained)
-Geris (the dog) was trained in another independent location other than the sheriff's office. It lasted a week.
- Reviewed Gerus' training log as well as his certification

When the court resumed from lunch recess, Casey was looking through defense paperwork. Does she think she really can help? I guess she is desperate for her defense team to step their game up.

-Defense questioned the dogs' certification. State wants to put it in evidence
-Judge admitted them into evidence
-On Gerus' training log notes he has had 187 finds. On one day in 8 searches, where there were 8 targets, he got 8 finds.
-Gerus has been on several cadaver calls Real world - +200 training - almost 500 says
-In 2008 the number of hits (searches) skyrocketed because of this case.

Sources say Lee Anthony just arrived at courthouse and told officials that he may be called as a witness
 -Against Baez' objections, video showing Gerus at an actual search in 2006, will be shown to the jury
-The infrared video is a helicopter view of Gerus and Forgey locating a body inside a retention pond. In the video, viewer is able to see Gerus, Forgey , and the body as infrared lights. Forgey said it was very dark and there alot of tall grass. It actually was pretty cool!

Casey was just looking through paperwork and glancing at the video. She didn't seem interested.

Gerus and Casey
-Forgey was told there was a vehicle they wanted them to look at. Forgey says when he got there he could smell human decomp in the bays (car)
-Forgey says Gerus jumped into car trying to get to trunk. He went into a down position (final alert) at rear right tail light bumper area
-At the Anthony family home, Gerus did a sweep in the backyard because techs were concerned about some areas.
-was allowed to search off lead (without a leash).  Went past sheds, above ground pool, and turned to the area of concern (indentation in ground), Gerus passed the indentation. Final trained alert was given near the play area and playhouse.
-Jury was shown picture of play area and Forgey highlighted where Gerus made final alert.

Casey did not get upset when seeing pic of play house or talk about daughters bones being collected.

-Another cadaver dog (Bones) was then brought over to the backyard. Dog came from Osceola County. From personal experience it would be about half hour trip.

Cross Examination : Forgey faces jury. Turns head towards Baez when answering

-agrees with Baez that backyard is much smaller than courtroom
-Forgey agrees Baez is losing him and possibility of Jury with the way he is questioning.
-could be odor, decomp fluid, or false alert when cadaver dogs. Unless he visually knows it or doctor finds something there, he don't know which of those three it could be.
-Didn't videotape because "we couldn't predict where we are today. Not a common practice"
-handbook says it is recommended to videotape searches for jury to view
-"I don't have anything in my regulations, my policies, procedures, that say I have to do that (videotape).So I did not do that"
-Baez says dogs aim to please handlers.
-after CSI did their search and found nothing, Gerus was called again and did not have an alert.
-Did not write police report on this false alert
-Dog did not give alert on Suburban Drive where Caylee was found
-didn't allow Gerus to go to location because it had been tainted by all the forensic people
-Forgey says he knew Gerus would alert to the exact area remains were found- so he didn't let him search. His only goal was to find the remaining bones that were missing.
-He did not find small # of bones missing.

Baez became argumentative because witness chose to volunteer how many bones were missing. He told Forgey that he is not an expert and cannot testify on the fact that there were a small number of bones missing.

-Forgey says he and his dogs have been involved in more than 3,000 real world searches. Very few taped
-Believes nothing was found on the second time, because CSI had already swept through the area
-Forgey says whatever the dog was alerting to was on the surface (Anthony home) so after it was scraped it was either gone or diminished.
- Forgey says he dog wouldn't alert to trash, cheese, a package that once held chicken.

- Baez asks Forgey you don't really know if Caylee's dead body was in back yard or if it was a false alert. Forgey says he doesn't know.
-Baez says he is testifying on his speculation.
-"I know what I smelled in the car" Forgey says clear as day - he smelled human decomposition.

Baez is extremely argumentative with this witness!

Question: Why is he arguing the dead body in the backyard?! Isn't Casey's defense that Caylee drowned in the backyard!!

Next witness first up tomm. will be Bones' dog handler.

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