Thursday, July 7, 2011


So we have been having sever storms over here in Central Florida and yup Lightning struck Suburban Drive!

As severe weather passed through on Thursday afternoon, a pine tree near a memorial site for Caylee Marie was damaged by a bolt of lightning. The strike left two 5-foot burn marks down the side of the tree.
The tree is about 5 feet off the pavement on Suburban Drive and the memorial is another 10 to 15 feet beyond that and down into the woods. A short trail which leads down into the woods to the memorial site is essentially at the foot of the tree.
Aside from the weather, the Anthony neighborhood was quiet Thursday with a few people bringing flowers and toys to the memorial for Caylee in the swampy spot where her remains were found.
The memorial, has quadrupled in size since Tuesday's verdict. Hundreds of teddy bears and stuffed animals were piled on the dirt, with hand-written notes. More than two dozen flower bouquets sit there and 27 helium balloons are anchored to the ground.
George Anthony has asked the public to donate the items to charity rather than place them in the woods.

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