Friday, July 1, 2011

Casey Anthony's former bodyguard speaks!

On the Today Show, Casey's former Bodyguard Tracy McLaughlin said Casey was concerned about what to wear when she walked past TV cameras and that, even though Caylee was missing and she was a suspect, Casey was unemotional and uninvolved in the search for Caylee and uninterested in anyone but herself.
She never wanted it to storm because then the helicopters would not be able to catch glimpses of her.
Tracy also disclosed that Casey knew quite a bit of information about chloroform and even brought in up in conversations with her.
On the day that Casey was bonded from jail, Cindy told her that her hair stunk and that she should take a shower. Instead of looking for Caylee or even mentioning it, she calmly took a shower. Tracy also said that it seemed like if the Caylee part of Casey's life was over and she didn't want to talk about her and that everyone in the house seemed to not make it an issue for Casey except for George.  She also said when investigators told her they may have found the body she walked into her cell and smirked, but when they said they founf a body on Suburban Drive, she went into hysterics.
 In a previous interview given in September 2009, McLaughlin said Casey never cried about Caylee, but she giggled about an online flirtation and even flirted with McLaughlin's associate.
She goes, 'I put on eye makeup today for when we play the sunglass game,'" McLaughlin told investigators.
The 'game' was taking off her sunglasses and looking at McLaughlin's associate through the rearview mirror as he drove her to her attorney's office.

Casey had a frigid reaction to the finding that hair consistent with hers and Caylee's came from a dead body."She goes, 'Well, I'm alive,'" McLaughlin told investigators.Casey surprised McLaughlin during a conversation about how drugs in high doses can knock you out. McLaughlin mentioned ether."She said, 'Or chloroform,'" McLaughlin told investigators.
That was before any reports about finding traces of chloroform in the trunk or her computer searches about the potentially deadly chloroform.Casey also joked about raising defense money by autographing photos or going on the radio with Howard Stern, but said he'd want to know her lingerie sizes and whether she and Baez were having sex.

Below is a link to where you can hear an interview she gave in 2009.

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