Monday, May 23, 2011

New Defense tactic?

Alright, so I'm watching Nancy Grace and they are claiming the defense may use accidental death as the cause of Caylee Anthony's death? Are you serious!?

#1. How did this "accident happen"?
#2. Shouldn't Casey have reported this "accident" immediately instead of going out clubbing and hanging with her boyfriend?
#3. Um....what about the story about the duct tape,babysitter and other false leads?
#4. Why wait 3 years until the day before the trial starts to claim it's and "accident"?
#5. What was up with cashing in false checks and shopping at Target?
#6. What does her previous supposed "sexual abuse " have to do with anything? What's the point of throwing her family under the bus?
#7 What about searching for "chloroform" and "breaking necks" on the family computer?

I, for one, cannot wait for this case to start and am preparing my game face to keep you guys updated as much as possible!

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