Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Defense Statement



George apparently yelled at Casey screaming ""LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!"

Things came out in this statement that has really made this a case of credibility.  His statement was all about sexual abuse and a disturbed family. Baez kept repeating "This is wrong! This is disturbed!"

Casey was raised to Lie by this bizarre family who kept everything hidden.  They even kept her pregnancy hidden and tried to blame it as a tumor. "They hid this beautiful child like a flower in the attic. Why wouldn't they hide her death?" said Baez.

The part that anybody watching this live will never forget was when Baez said "this child at 13 years old would go to school and lie. This child can got to school after having her father's penis in her mouth!" When this was mentioned Casey broke down for real.

Baez has turned everything upside down from my point of view. It's true that he didn't mention anything about the searches but he was able to put doubt. For example, why didn't Casey's boyfriend smell the odor when they had to put gas in the car from the gas tanks?

When George claimed they had the fight over the gas tanks, why didn't he mention an odor?

When the car was towed why was there no claim of an odor?

As Caylee was missing, he met his mistress while buying the duct tape that was found around Caylee.  Theu even showed text messages George sent the mistress saying he missed her and that he needed her in his life. When she asked George what happened to Casey, he answered " It was an accident that snowballed out of control"

When George smelled the odor at the towing dept., when he thought it was a dead body and made a silent prayer hoping it's not his daughter or grandaughter, why didn't he call Casey? He is an ex-cop!?

Apparently, in Casey's boyfriend apt. complex, the dumpster is at the entrance of the vicinity, Casey simply forgot. The police took the garbage and aired it out, so that nobody could really test the odor.

Baez claims this is a coverup of a sexually abusive father.

First witness is about to be called!  George Anthony!!!!  This case will definitely call nationwide attention if it has not already. Gotta Go!

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