Wednesday, May 4, 2011


here are 30 things you may not know about me:

1. I'm a Fantastic singer
2. I'm an awesome artist
3. I have a HUGE ego...LOL
4. I am somewhat psychic
5. I see dead people.....yes, really
6. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and re-live HS
7. I married into the Royal Family of Belgium
8. My royal title is Dutchess of Kasteellan
9. I should have tried out for Broadway
10. I once locked myself in the bathroom to hide from my 6 year old nephew because I was terrified of him....I was about 12
11. If you hurt me or any family members, I can easily forget you, but not before I destroy your soul first ;)
12. I am secretly a member of Marvel's X-Men
13. My mutant power is destroying your zest for life just by looking at you
14. I have destroyed people's zest for life
15. I am a punk at heart
16. I am honestly, truly a good person with a heart of gold......white gold...yes, I like white gold better....  :)
17. The one person I truly trust with my secrets is myself
18. The one person I really can't trust is myself
19. I have become addicted to anything that has to do with tattoos. I would be covered in them except you need $ for that and a family that won't disapprove of them
20. Oddly enough, I don't care what people think
21. I feel that Linkin Park songs have me in mind
22. I adore Linkin Park and it's lead singer Chester....yes, he shall be mine
23. I was involved in the Beauty Pageant scene for like a second
24. I had a little black book with my exes names and a rating system that involved stars...sadly there were no 5 out of 5
24. The first time I went out into the city to "hang out" was in my 20's. My sister and I "hung out" in Bed Bath & Beyond
25. I am truly the most HONEST person you would ever meet.....yes, it's true. Just ask my closest friends
26. I think my profile looks like a Velociraptor's. That's the Jurassic Park dino.
27. My second personality sometimes takes over and manipulates men to do whatever I wish of them ( ex: proposing)
28. I wish to have Sophia Vergara's body. Eventually I will return it, I just want to have it for a second. LOL No, but really, her body is my goal.
29. I wish I could cook more spanish food.
30. I want your everything As long as it’s free......

Hope, you enjoyed finding things out about me! See, I'm not crazy...I'm just AWESOME! <3

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