Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rapture is coming! The Rapture is coming!!

May 21st 2011, according to some people, is the day when my family and I, I mean "the chosen people", will be ascending into Heaven. Yes people,God's elected people will be taken into Heaven! Weeeee!!!! So, what would you want to do before this happens, if it does? Personally, I would ask God for an extension so that I will be able to see the Casey Anthony case! In that case, by all means, Jose Baez, please keep striking jurors!

Seriously though, people calm down!! I'm pretty sure all these maniacs that say the rapture is coming are just that-MANIACS!!!!!

On September 6, 1994, guess what?! The rapture was also supposed to happen according to Harold Camping, an 88 year old nutcase evangelist. But wait, we are here, correct? Oops, sorry, he miscalculated it, small mathematical error. Nope, the date is actually this Saturday!!! Whew!!! That's quite a mathematical error! No biggie!!!

Um...Yeah people, so calm down, go breathe and change your soiled undies. Nothing is going to happen and I will get to see the Casey Anthony case!! All is well with the world <3


  1. damn.... not enough time for me to be good and holy... guess im going downstairs grrrrr

  2. well that means I won't have to go back to work on May 30th....bummer though I miss the May long weekend...