Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Questions about Defense's Defense.

Alright, so it came out in court that Casey AND George Anthony knew about the drowning of Caylee and they both tried to hide it. So I'm sitting here watching the news and I'm wondering ( I know, it took a while),why did it take so long for this this to come out in the open?

What about all those jailhouse letters she wrote to her cellmates? Dud she ever mention her father knowing about the case? If she did, shouldn't that have been disclosed to the public? Her possible sexual abuse was!

Another thing that comes to mind: When are we supposed to believe a pathological liar!? The defense claims that Casey is in denial and has lied her whole life since that's how she was raised. So on that note, how do we know the drowning story is the truth?! How does he know he's not another victim of Casey's lies?

Hoping to get all these answers and more in the next couple of months.

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