Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing Facebook?

So earlier this week, I decided to get rid of my Facebook account. The decision was based loosely on drama that seems to follow me everywhere, but then again it could be based on the fact that I really don't care about some of the people that had "friended" me.

I asked myself "Do I really care that so and so loves poop so much or that this person has decided to sell x stock for y amount?" The answer? No, no I do not. Yes it's true that I could have deleted some of these friends, but I think personally it was best for me to delete the account and start fresh.

Did I really want to be on Facebook for the rest of my adult life? Honestly, no. Granted Facebook did allow me to reconnect with amazing friends with whom I lost touch with through the years and did allow me to make new friends, but in the end, it was becoming an "obsession". "Wait, wait! So and so said this! Quick, I have to write this on my status......OMG, did I just see that?   I have to take a picture and post it immediately!" That was what I sounded like. Yeah, it was annoying.

At the end of my Facebook life, I felt like I was in High School all over again when someone decided they wanted to try to ruin my relationship and family. That was what eventually did it for me. I am a grown up and to deal with gossip all over again and people badmouthing me, it was just very tiring and old.

In the end, I decided that if people want to stay in touch with me and love me as much as they say, they don't need to see me on Facebook, they have my number and email and can contact me on a more personal level.

Yes, I do miss Facebook, especially when I want to comment on how much I hate Lovebugs...LOL, but I figure I can always call my friends and let them know by phone.........Joking joking!!!!! :)

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