Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cindy's testimony

Today started with questioning of Anthony Lazzaro about text messages between him and Casey. It basically described how frustrated Tony was eventually with Casey because she didn't tell anyone the truth. The messages from Casey mentioned how she felt she was a failure as a mother and that she couldn't protect her child.

The following is the transcript from the text messages:
Casey: I'm sorry for not telling you what happened. We need to talk. Love you more than you know.
Lazzaro: Where is Caylee?
Casey: I honestly don't know.
Lazzaro: Why wouldn't you tell me? Why would you lie to me that she was fine w/ nanny?
Casey: I'm the dumbest person and the worst mother. I honestly hate myself. The most important thing is getting Caylee back, but I truly hope that you can forgive me. Granted I will never be able to forgive myself. No.
Lazzaro: Who is this Zanny the nanny person?
Casey: Someone I met thru a friend 4 yrs ago, used to be my buddy Jeff's nanny before she became mine.
Lazzaro: Where did you drop off Caylee last time you saw her?
Casey: At her apt. at bottom of stairs, at Sawgrass Apts. Have told and shown police apartment. Drove out there w/ 2 diff. officers, just got back from 2nd drive.
Casey: If they don't find her, guess who gets blamed and spends an eternity in jail.
Lazzaro: Was scared to admit it, scared something would happen to my baby.
Lazzaro told attorneys he felt angry and betrayed, and asked Casey, "How do you not know where your daughter is?" He said Casey replied, "I just don't." At that point, Lazzaro said he got frustrated and told her he had to go to class, and hung up the phone.

Cindy Anthony became the main focus of today's trial. I for one have been waiting for this witness since George Anthony has been questioned.  I have been looking forward to her since she knows most of the lies that Casey has told since they have been told to her.  The following are some important facts that she testified to:

On finding out Casey was pregnant:
Cindy Anthony said Casey came to her work on June 30, 2005, and told her she was pregnant. Caylee was born just over a month later, on August 9. But Cindy mentioned Casey had problems with her periods in the past, and knew Casey suffered from bloating, and would look like she was pregnant.
On Caylee's bedroom:
Cindy burst into tears when prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick showed her a photo of Caylee's bed, adorned with a Winnie-the-Pooh blanket and pillow. She said they turned their computer room into a nursery for Caylee. However, Cindy said Caylee always spent the night in Casey's room, with an occasional nap in her own room.
 On life with Caylee:
Cindy said before 2008, she had never gone 24 hours without seeing Caylee. Casey had always lived with her parents up until then.
 On Father's Day, June 15, 2008:
Cindy said she went to visit her father at a nursing home in Mount Dora, and took Caylee with her. Also that day, she had lunch and went swimming with Caylee in their backyard pool. Cindy said they used a latter to get into the pool, and Caylee could climb the steps, herself. She said Caylee wore a life jacket, and when they were done, she put the ladder up again. At this point both she and Casey got emotional.
 On Casey's employment:
Cindy said she believed Casey still worked at Universal Studios. Casey worked there before Caylee was born, and Cindy recalled seeing Casey's work badge and text messages from Casey's boss.

As a 15 minute recess was called, Cindy walked off the witness stand and Casey showed frustration as she pointed to Cindy and as far as I could tell said something about "she did this to hurt me". Defense then comforted her and she shed the first real tears she has shown since the trial happened.

On "Zanny the nanny":
Cindy told the prosecutor she believed Casey had hired a babysitter named Zanny. She said she never knew Zanny's full name before Caylee disappeared. She also said Casey told her Zanny had also watched the son of a co-worker at Universal, Jeffrey Hopkins. Cindy acknowledge she had never met Hopkins.
On searching for Zanny:
She admitted she had never attempted to look for or meet Zanny before July 15, 2008. Cindy also said she was still looking for Zanny as recently as "up until six weeks ago."
On the 31 days she had not seen Caylee:
Cindy said she talked to Casey every day during the time frame after she last saw Caylee. On June 16, 2008, Cindy said Casey told her she was going to spend the night at Zanny's, because she had to work early the following day. At one point, Cindy recalled wanting to talk to Caylee on the phone, because she missed her. Casey told her there was a car accident while she was following Zanny back from Tampa, but she said she and Caylee were find, and not to panic. However, she recalled on the same day Casey told her she was in Tampa, George Anthony saw her at home in Orlando.
On Casey taking the gas cans:
Cindy recalled Casey telling her she returned George's gas cans on the same day George found the lock on his shed broken. Cindy said Casey told her she took the gas cans with her to Tampa.

What is shocking is that as a grandmother who has not seen her granddaughter for 3 weeks, why didn't she stop believing these lies and just call the cops and mention that something seems suspicious. Even though she stated Casey is a grown woman, one would think that she would go further into looking for Caylee.  Why didn't she know more about Zanny. My mother would have asked for all of Zanny's info the moment I would have mentioned I had a babysitter. These things seem odd as well.

Baez spent most of his time looking at his blackberry than paying attention to Cindy's testimony. He must have been looking for resources online that he could use to cross examine Cindy and save his and Casey's ass. LOL

One thing I know for sure is that with the number of lies Casey had said it's hard to imagine that the jury is going to believe that she was so distraught to her daughter drowning and yet it was possible that she still was able to make up all these lies.  I personally think the jury will eventually find Casey guilty and that Casey should have become an actress.  Nobody could lie as good as she did, though some would be a little smarter with keeping the lies in order! HAHA

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