Thursday, September 15, 2011

Opening Statements today in the Bob Ward trial

With opening statements today in the Millionaire Murder trial, jurors heard the 911 call placed by Bob Ward, when the shooting of his wife occurred, for the first time.They also heard from law-enforcement officers. Ward is charged with second-degree murder.
"I just shot my wife,'' Ward says on the recording. The 911 operator asked if she was breathing. Ward answered "No, she's dead."He also said it was an accident. They were married for 26 years and have two daughters.

Ward's companies, were in bankruptcy in September 2009, the same month Diane died.

Prosecutor Robin Wilkinson said Bob Ward's story evolved from "I shot my wife" to it being "a tragic accident" to Diane was trying to kill herself and he tried to pry the gun from her hands.
The opening statement focused on Bob and Diane Ward's marriage, their privileged lives and their daughters, Sarah and Mallory.
The opening statement also stated that Diane was also set to testify in a deposition regarding the bankruptcy before her death and that tests show Diane was shot from a distance of 18 inches,which would not be easy to do if one were to shoot themselves.
Defense attorney Kirk Kirkconnell (Yes, that right) said Diane's death that night in September 2009 "came out of the blue" and that her death ruined Bob Ward financially. It allowed creditors to go after Ward's assets.
He spoke about Diane's depression and anxiety.

He told the jury "no crime was committed by Bob Ward here and the only lawful verdict is not guilty."

Deputy Corey Legg : OCSO
- testified that he was one of the deputies to arrive at the Isleworth mansion after the shooting.
- told jurors there was some initial confusion getting Ward to comply, but soon he did.
-when he found Diane, she had no signs of life and was in between the wall and the bed.

"I could smell the impurities of alcohol," said an unnamed deputy who testified. He remains unnamed due to his undercover work. He also was the one who arrested Ward. -Ward was not given a blood-alcohol test and no gunshot residue testing was done at time of arrest.

Kelly Wood: OCSO CSI
-testified and explained that she conducted gunshot-residue testing on a special agent who fired the gun used in the Diane Ward shooting.
-trying to determine what kind of residue would end up on a shooter's hands.
-the weapon used in this case was a revolver.
-took gunshot residue from Ward's hands, but that was about three hours after Diane Ward was shot.

Glenn Saare: Ward's brother-in-law. His wife is Paula, Diane's sister.
-went on hunting trips with Ward.
-never saw Diane handle a firearm.
-said in 2009 the Wards owned two homes, the one here in Isleworth and one in Atlanta.
-said Ward told him that he "should just put a bullet in my head" so his family would not have to endure these problems from creditors.
-said Bob and Diane had "one of the best marriages of anyone I know."

The trial is expected to last about two weeks. 

Audio from phone call between Ward and his sister-in-law

Jailhouse videos 
44 minutes 26 sec
At 11 minutes Mallory starts dancing
At 27 minutes Mallory makes faces
Starts off with joking about needs and shower jokes
At 19 minutes, his sister-in-law asks car advice
At 30:37 talks about the support of family as well as Diane's family

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