Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another reason I hate PETA

Another reason why I despise PETA! They are actually attacking poor Mario from the Super Mario Bros because he dons a racoon outfit in Nintendo's new game for the plumber. Anybody that has played Mario Bros. games know that the suit has been around for a while. You get a leaf and get to fly around for a short period of time thanks to the raccoon tail flapping around. In Super Mario 3D, according to PETA, the fact that he wears the suit shows that he thinks it's ok to promenade in fur!
REALLY?! Are they serious!? PETA has really nothing else to do but to attack cartoons and video game characters now!? GET OVER IT!!!! I'm so tired of these rejects!

In a yahoo games article, PETA states: "Tanukis are real-life raccoon dogs who are beaten and, as PETA's undercover exposés show, often skinned alive for their fur. This winter, everyone can give raccoon dogs and other fabulous animals a 1-UP by keeping our wardrobes fur-free."
ARE THEY FOR REAL!!!!!????? He also swims using a frog suit. When are they going to complain about that one!?

They have invented a fake video game parodying this one in which players can grab their own skin back from flying Mario, which supposedly is disturbing,  but since I wish that PETA would just implode itself I refuse to post a link or state the name.
Boy do I feel bad for anybody who is related in any way to these PETA folk. They are truly disturbed!!!!!


  1. PETA=PRCA: Pompous Russian Communists for Animals

  2. Pets also tagged nintendogs, the game about LOOKING AFTER dogs. They say it makes you abuse animals. I play nintendogs and I love animals (but hate PETA.)