Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Search in new area and kids are taken away

The sheriff's office sent dive teams into Lake Ellenor Wednesday as part of the search for Michelle Parker.
10 to 15 officers were in the area of Sand Lake Road. Underwater teams were also searching Lake Ellenor. The Orlando Police Department is the main agency handling the investigation, but the sheriff's office does not have a dive team.

Lake Ellenor is just south of Oak Ridge Road, between John Young Parkway and Orange Blossom Trail.
A spokesman for the OPD says this search because of a tip they received, it is just part of the investigation.

On Tuesday DCF took Michelle and Dale's kids away from Dale as part of the investigation into Michelle's disappearance.  Attorneys for DCF argued the children are not safe with Dale. They cited a history of violence against women he was involved with as evidence of a "significant future risk" to the children.  Mark NeJame argued there wasn't any evidence the children are in danger by staying with Dale.
Ultimately, the Judge decided to rule in favor of Dale, pending any developments in Michelle's disappearance.
After the hearing Dale and Michelle's mom hugged in the hallway of the courthouse.
Dale's attorney, Mark NeJame said Dale is asking for the missing-persons search group Texas Equusearch to help look for Parker. NeJame said his client is declining to take a lie detector test because it's unreliable and not because he is hiding anything.
"If this doesn't ring as a testament to a man who is not guilty, I don't know what does," NeJame said. "Mr. Smith wants Michelle found. Now what guilty person is asking for a search to be conducted? If she is found alive or not, he knows that will exonerate him."

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