Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giant Little Red Wagon

 I dedicate this story to my sister in NY. She swears that there is something in the water down here in Florida that makes people do funky things. Well, here's another one for ya!

Ok, so you all know those little red wagons that people pull their kids in or that kids pull their toys around in? Well, one Florida man, Chuck Redding,  just doesn't want to let go of that part of childhood. He created a giant one that can drive around! AND IT IS LEGAL!!!! 
Modeled after the original Western Flyer, the car has all the amenties: a horn, wipers, V-6 engine and a nearly 9-foot tall handle.  While battling prostate cancer, it took him 8 months to build it and he says it took his mind off of things that were going on withing his body at the time.
Redding’s Western Flyer Rocket is one of only two in the country. The other one is in Alaska.

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