Monday, August 1, 2011

Will Casey get lucky again?

Judge Stan Strickland just signed court documents this morning that will require Casey to serve one year of supervised probation as he originally intended back when he sentenced her in her check fraud case.  

Dept. of Corrections spokeswoman also said she (Casey)  must report in person in Orange County with the next 72 hours.
Strickland said on Thursday that his intention in sentencing Anthony last year was that she should go on supervised probation if released from custody. But state Department of Corrections officials interpreted Strickland's order as meaning that Casey Anthony could serve her probation while still in jail awaiting trial.
Don't know how, since when you listen to him state the order it is obvious that he meant upon her release from jail!
 The state attorney's office spokesman said the Department of Corrections policy allows defendants to serve probation while still in jail and not under sentence.
"I read the order," said state attorney's spokesman Randy Means. "The order said she was supposed to begin when she was released from her sentence."The Dept. of Correction's terminated her probation on Jan. 24 and allowed her to leave the Orange County Jail on July 17 with no restrictions following her acquittal at trial in the murder case last month.
It's likely Casey's defense team will challenge this turn of events, and say that she should not serve probation because she already did that while in jail. An argument claiming "double jeopardy" is expected.
Casey IS the devil
If that happens, the defense would have to make that legal argument before Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry in some kind of emergency hearing.

Honestly I agree with my husband when he says that this BEAST keeps getting luckier and luckier and believe that she did in fact make a pact with the devil! 

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