Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm tired of it!

Ok so another pit bull attack happened. This time A Pitbull killed his owner and her 6 month old fetus! The woman's husband came home yesterday to find his wife mauled on the floor and the pit bull snarling over the bloody body.
My question is this: Why are people still having these dogs as pets! How many incidents do we need to hear about these vicious dogs.
I know my friend has one of these dogs and she will probably read this, but I really can't with these dogs. Everyone has their own opinions however. My husband had a Doberman and my cousins had a couple of Rottweilers growing up! I would never personally want to own these type of dogs especially when I have children in the house! I still think my family and my parents in laws must have been crazy to allow these dogs in their home!
My sister got attacked by a German shepherd when she was younger and it still stays in my head. I remember that day vividly!  Granted most dogs are adorable when they are pups but people really have to take their natural characteristics and their history before even thinking of getting these animals!
Personally I don't think they should be pets, unless you own a tow yard or some other type of similar business where you need protection!  Seriously, I don't want people to think that I hate dogs, because I don't, but people have to put their own personal safety first before allowing these animals in their home.
How many dogs have to die or be put down because they keep attacking their owners or neighbors!? How many people have to be attacked?! 

Again, my friend will probably kill me, but I honestly believe that these dogs shouldn't be allowed to be family pets.

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