Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cindy and George release balloons at Caylee site

Cindy and George were among the people commemorating Caylee on her 6th birthday. The couple surprised the groups that showed up at the memorial site, with pink, purple and white balloons that they were planning on releasing along with butterflies. 
They were there as well as a non profit group that are in the process of buying the site and are planning a memorial to be built there in honor of Caylee and other kids.  The Bring Kids Home organization unveiled the design of the memorial they hope will be a permanent reminder of Caylee and other missing and abused children.
The group plans to raise the $200,000 needed to build the memorial through donations given by people.  
While at the memorial, George and Cindy spoke to the media. They spoke in favor of the memorial, even though the organizer had no idea that they were going to show up.
When asked if they had seen Casey, George replied "no," while Cindy said they couldn't talk about that. "We didn't know how we'd be perceived," George Anthony said. "It's just a great tribute to our Caylee. It's a great tribute to her. Other children have to come home, too. And that's what should be concentrated on now. We know where Caylee's at."

The designer of the memorial hopes to have money raised and memorial done by this time next year.
Anthony family attorney Mark Lippman said he is familiar with the memorial and is looking at whether or not the Anthony's will be a part of it.

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