Friday, August 12, 2011

Casey Anthony probation orders

1. Not later than the fifth day of each month, you will make a full and truthful report to your Probation Officer on the form provided for that purpose. 

2. You will pay the State of Florida $20.00 per month toward the cost of supervision, plus a 4% surcharge per month by the fifth day of each month unless otherwise waived in compliance with Florida Statues. 

2. You will not change your residence or employment or leave the county of your residence without first procuring the consent of your Probation Officer. 

4. You will neither possess, carry or own any weapons or firearm without first securing the consent of your Probation Officer. 

5. You will live and remain at liberty without violating any law. A conviction in a cour of law shall not be necessary in order for such a violation to constitute a violation of your probation. 

6. You will not use intoxicants to excess, nor will you visit places where intoxicants, drugs or other dangerous subsantces are sold, dispensed or used. 

7. You will work diligently at a lawful occupation and dependants to the best of your ability as directed by your Probation Officer. 

8. You will promptly and truthfully answer all inquiries directed to you by the Court or the Probation Officer, and allow the Officer to visit your home, at your employment site or elsewhere, and you will comply with all instructions they may give you. 

9. You will not poessess or use any marijuana or other controlled substance except upon prescritpion of a duly licensed medical or osteopathic doctor and then only in accordance with the prescribed dosage. You will not possess any controlled substance paraphernalia or forged or blank prescritpion forms. 

10. Unless prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages by a special condition of this order, you will not consume alcoholic beverages to the extent that your normal faculties are impared. 

11. You will submit to a reasonable search without a warrant by the Probation Officer of your person, effects, residence or business premises or vehicle for alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, weapons or firearms. You will submit to chemical tests (breat, urine and blood) upon request of your Probation Officer to determine the presence and quantity of alcohol or controlled substance in your blood. 

12. The Court retains jurisdiction to place you in the Probation and Restitution Center upon recommendation of your Probation Officer without finding a violation of probation. 

13. You will not knowingly associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity.

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