Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OC DOC hold a news conference regarding Casey!

UPDATE: Casey will be expected to arrive tomm. between 7am and 10 am. Sources say Judge Perry may issue a stay which in that case Casey won't have to appear.  Casey's attorney's are hopeful a stay will be granted. She will have to show up in person herself and check in with her probation officer.  Probation officers saw her only once while she was in jail.  Baez had said earlier this week that Orange County was basically giving a death penalty to Casey if they make her come to Orange County. 

Judge Strickland in Orlando recused himself from the case on Wednesday. His order did not say why.
Earlier this week, he had ordered Casey back to Orlando to meet a probation officer to start a year of probation.
She has vanished from public view but as you know from my previous blog, she has been spotted in Ohio shopping happily for herself!
Strickland sentenced Casey to probation in January 2010 for using checks stolen from a friend. Corrections officials interpreted the sentence so that she served the probation while in jail awaiting her murder trial. Strickland says he meant the probation period to start upon her release.

 DOC says that if Casey does not check in by 10:00 am tomm. she will have a warrant issued against her.  "If she does not check in by 10a tomorrow, we will notify the court." They have not received any threats as of yet towards Casey, but if they will they will work with local law enforcement.  "I know that it's not uncommon for offenders to serve at least part of their probation in jail.  We are prepared to administer the order of the court."  She said Casey will be treated just like any offender and her public records will be entered into public database.  Therefore all her information will be there for anyone to view. If there is a threat, a determination will be made at that time, depending on the threat.  In some cases, offender addresses can be kept private.  Offenders must also have a job and must show that they are looking for a job.  She will have to appear at her probation facility once a month and they also do check her residence.
Casey must provide an address and it is her responsibility to find a place to reside. Social Services are available if she needs them.  Nobody knows who her probation officer will be until she comes in. That depends where she will serve her probation.  If she wants to serve her probation at another state, DOC has to contact the other state and deal with them. "It is not an overnight process."  She will have to qualify for this type of probation.

"The DOC made no mistakes in this case. We do whatever the courts want."  She cannot have a firearm, she has to be employed, random drug testing will also be held. 
Her attorneys have been cooperative and "very nice""They have assured us they will be here before 10 am tomm."  If new information is known , DOC  will update the reporters as the day goes by.

So there you have it guys! Seems like Casey will have to serve her probation and most likely in Orange County.

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