Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baez under investigation

It appears Jose Baez is in trouble with the Florida Bar Association for his handling of the Casey Anthony bad-check case. 
When Perry ordered Casey to Florida to serve her 1-year probation sentence on bad-check charges, as we all know by now, Baez and his team stated she had already served her sentence while in jail during her murder trial.  The problem with that says Orange County is that the court was never notified and they wanted her to serve the sentence AFTER the murder trial.
When Judge Belvin Perry issued an order mandating Anthony return from wherever to start her probation he also cited her attorney’s: “The failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener’s error in the order may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor.”
“No attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court,” Perry said. “Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball.”
An unidentified person or person filed a complaint on Baez handling of the Anthony case and the Florida bar is now conducting an ‘open’ investigation.  The State of Florida has given Casey until next week August 26 to show up to serve the probation sentence.

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  1. From what I have seen of Jose Baez, he is the most unethical lawyer I have ever seen and I have a family of them..... His opening statement was never proven, he was caught in many lies, he allowed his clients mother to commit purjury on the stand, he is unscrupulous, and he and his client were constantly making googly eyes at each other in court among other things... check out some of the courtroom videos..