Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surfers die due to Irene

A surfer has died off the central Florida coast when he was tossed off his board by massive waves caused by Hurricane Irene.Volusia County Beach Patrol spokeswoman Tamra Marris said the 55-year-old man was pronounced dead about noon Saturday, shortly after he was pulled from the water at New Smyrna Beach.She said the surfer suffered a large head cut after witnesses said he was thrown over a wave and possibly hit the ocean floor.She said it is unclear if he drowned or died from injuries.
His name has not been released because his relatives have not been notified.  Lifeguards were reporting waves of up to 7 feet in that area and 10 feet in others.
According to reports on the Weather Channel, a surfer in Virginia Beach was killed by a monster wave as well. 
This is what happens when people don't take these monsters seriously. So do I have to feel bad for them? Maybe, But I don't!  You want someone to blame, don't blame Irene, blame the surfers!


  1. I'm a surfer. We know it is a dangerous sport. But more people die driving to the beach than surfing. I recommend the author of this article stay home where it is safe and never get in a car or set foot in the ocean. Better yet, never go outside at all.

  2. Applause. Bravo! I myself do like to live a life. Yet I am smart enough to know the rules. But then again, everyone is free to have their opinions. So there you go. Ah and thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read my article :)