Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Casey must get off her ass and find a job!

The Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled that Casey must serve probation for check fraud.
She has until noon Friday to report to a probation office in the state.  According to Baez, she's already in Florida.  Where? My guess? Pinellas County!
The court ruled "that sentencing is not a game and Casey Anthony cannot take advantage of a clerical error. In a two-page ruling, it says she and her lawyers knew her probation was to start after her release. The court ruled she never served probation, so it’s not double jeopardy.
The defense team however has worked out a deal where she will report for probation secretly. She will not have to walk into a place where everybody will know her. Her address will not be publicized. So we likely will not know where she is living right now or where will be living in the future while she does serve this probation.
The court decided that a judge’s oral pronouncements take precedence over written orders.

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