Monday, August 29, 2011

Plankton? No! Raw Sewage!

Want to know what raw sewage in a hurricane tastes like? Just ask Fox reporter Tucker Barnes from Washington D.C.!
While reporting on Hurricane Irene, a foamy, soapy like substance was covering Barnes as he held onto a bench.
"I don't know what it is, it has a sort of sandy consistency," Barnes told Fox's New York viewers, covered head to tow in what looked like frothy pancake batter.
"It doesn't taste great," he said.
In the studio, anchors were stating how they have never seen anything like the substance.
"Our chief meterologist back at the station said that it's some sort of organic matter. I guess it's plankton or something mixed in with sand and salt,"Barnes said.
He did mention that it did not have the nicest smells.
"Be careful with that weird stuff, okay?" the anchors warned the poor reporter. "That is a bizarre wild substance that is about to bury you."
Fox NY later announced exactly what the substance was. Apparently when raw sewage gets mixed and tossed into ocean water by hurricane winds it forms what one reporter thought to be plankton.

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