Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Casey's Defense Appeals! Shocked? No Way!

Casey's defense team filed an emergency petition today with an appeals court, asking the judges to vacate Judge Perry’s recent order that will require her to report to probation by next week.
Perry ruled last week that Anthony has until Aug. 26 to turn herself in to the Florida Department of Corrections, which will monitor her for one year while she serves probation.
Defense attorneys Lisabeth Fryer and Cheney Mason in their emergency filing called that an “illegal sentence.”

There was confusion last month, when Casey was acquitted on the murder charge and released from jail, about whether she would have to serve the probation.
DOC allowed Casey to serve the probation while in jail, but that was not Strickland intended. Obviously, that wouldn't make sense right? Well, DOC thought it did at the time. Well you know what I think of them: Idiots!
The defense team argues Casey shouldn’t have to serve probation twice.
In their emergency petition, the defense team said Perry’s order “ignores the fact that the Defendant did, in fact, actually serve her term of probation and was subject to the threat of violation of probation if she, for instances, wrote a letter of apology to the victim had a physical altercation with a correctional officer or another inmate, or was in the possession of contraband.”
The defense said Casey was subject to DOC  supervision “and the anxiety associated with a probationary period.”  Oh poor baby! Cry me a river!!  She's an idiot too!

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