Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Caylee!

Today it is rainy and stormy in Central Florida. Much like it had been during the length of the Casey Anthony trail and the way it was the day that Casey was found Not Guilty.  Today Caylee Marie Anthony turned 6 years old.  She would have been entering the first grade in a couple of weeks. 
This is the first time that Casey will not be in jail during Caylee's birthday and not "searching" for her as well. Supposedly now she is in a $5.2 million mansion in California hiding out at the moment. Guess she left Ohio since the pics were released. I'm wondering whether we will see a citing of her or the Anthony's today. Any photo ops?  Today in Central Florida we will also be seeing the unveiling of the plans for Caylee and for missing children that is planning on being built in the location where Caylee's remains were found. 
Candles will be lit for Caylee tonight in memory of her as well as the changing of profile pics today on Facebook.
  We wish you a Happy 6th Birthday Caylee Marie. May you rest in peace.
The following is a poem that I found online that was written for Caylee last year on her fifth birthday:

Happy Birthday angel eyes.
the candles of your cake are the stars in the skies.
you should have been getting ready to start in school.
instead of your family trying to play us for fools.
learning to write and ride a bike.
what else would you have liked?
not a day goes by when we don't all think
of how you were gone in just a blink.
what would have been better for us to see.
is for you to have won the national spelling bee.
so have fun in the clouds on your special day.
and let your spirit find us justice for you one day.
Happy Birthday Caylee

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