Monday, August 15, 2011

Last happy moments....

The following is what one concert goer wrote about Christina and Alisha:

My reflection of Christina Santiago is unlike any of those posted, as I did not know her nor did I personally meet her, but I was at the concert on Saturday night. After spending many hours there before the concert, walking around the fair with my sister-in-law and 9-yr old niece, of whom I accompanied to the concert, and witnessing all the people, the fans and the overall atmosphere, there are few memories that remain…one being that of two women walking down the stairs, towards the concessions, during the second-to-last song of Sara Bareilles. We were walking up, back to our seats, when we witnessed two VERY happy women coming down the stairs…big smiles and such a happy persona. One woman, who I now know to be Alicia, leaned over to my niece and made a silly comment about the large snow cone she was enjoying. I remember even looking back at them when we continued upwards and thinking of how happy they seemed and how much fun they were having. Until recently seeing the photos of the specific victims of this enormous tragedy, I didn’t realize that two of these special people were ones who actually made me..and my family… smile…for a few seconds. They both seem like amazing women who have touched so many lives. My thoughts and prayers are with their families and for Alicia’s recovery. The tragedy was/is very shocking and one that didn’t give much warning to all those impacted.

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