Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it or isn't it?

So this morning new pictures of Casey were released on It's pictures of her shopping and walking in Ohio, where she originally is from and where she has family.  Many people are actually in doubts whether this is really her. They cite her weight gain and her "birthmarks" on her cheeks! Also, she is seen texting. People say Casey wouldn't be texting anybody since she doesn't have anybody!
First of all, weight gain? Really?! This wouldn't be shocking seeing as now she has food coming and going as she pleases as well as drinking Coronas whenever she wants!
Second of all those aren't "birthmarks"! Do people not remember her pimples on her cheeks!?
Thirdly, the texts! Baez, family members! Hello! Her safety! 
She has also added green contacts to her look.  If you look at her waist it also is very similar.

Any way here are the pics and some that I placed where you can see her stance when she is walking. Also in one at Old Navy, she is taking the big gulp of air that we have seen her do many times in court. You make the call.

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