Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arrested for stealing coupons!

Police in Springdale say the popularity of coupons led a Northwest Arkansas woman to steal 185 editions of a Sunday newspaper.
The Springdale Morning News reports that Jamie VanSickler, 34, of Lowell, was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor theft. She told officers she is a member of a coupon club and said she didn't think she was doing anything wrong.Police said she took unsold copies of the Springdale Morning News that were left outside a grocery store for the newspaper carrier to pick up and return to the paper. VanSickler released a statement through her attorney Friday afternoon. VanSicker's attorney, Alanna Fairrell said in a statement Friday that "Mrs. VanSickler is shocked and embarrassed by the whole situation, since she obtained permission from Harps prior to taking any newspapers, and she was just trying to save some money. She is also very disappointed that the newspaper went public with this story and has decided to press charges against her although she offered to pay for the newspapers she took."

So I know this is a big thing going on, especially in our great economic situation we are in now. I want to know what are you guys doing to save some $? Any extreme couponers out there? I would love to save the big bucks like some of those people who do this.  I would love to hear some feedback. Maybe I can write a blog about some tips!

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