Monday, October 17, 2011

Man possibly eaten by cannibals

Stefan Ramin was traveling around the world when on a hunting excursion with a guide he ended up missing. He has been on the trip since 2008 with his girlfriend when he disappeared at Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia.  Their plan on the island was to experience a traditional goat hunt on the island of 2,789 people.

The remote tropical island was the last place he was seen before remains, believed to be his, were uncovered.
Experts believe he was "hacked to pieces and burned" and eaten by suspected cannibals.

Police are looking for Henri Haiti, a local guide who set off on the hunting trip and then tried to sexually assault Stefan's girlfriend when he returned to alert her of an apparent accident. Sources say he has been known to delve into cannibalism.

He tied her to a tree but she managed to escape and alert local authorities.
The guide is still missing and is now the subject of a seven-day manhunt from police and soldiers.

"The foreign ministry and the federal police are aware of the case and in contact with local authorities," said a spokesperson from the German foreign ministry.

On Stefan's Facebook page, people have been leaving condolences.

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