Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family used Google to learn how to kill

An 89 year old man's daughter (49) and three grandchildren ( 19, 16, and 14)  Googled "the easiest way to kill an old person" before trying to kill him for an inheritance.
Police analysis of computers seized from the family home in Hampshire, England, also revealed Google searches on ''1000 ways to die,'' ''how to kill someone'' and ''10 easy ways to kill someone with no trace."   The 19 year old's girlfriend was also involved in the searches.
In an attempt to ''frighten him to death,'' they threw bricks through his window at night and cut the fuel line on his car to try to make it explode.
Eventually, they attacked the man using bricks in plastic bags at the house he shares with his 87-year-old wife near Winchester, England.
Police are not naming names due to the underage children involved. All denied charges of conspiracy to murder over the plot in October and November last year.  The victim — suffered head injuries — had reportedly given his privately educated daughter, his paid care-giver, lavish gifts including a car in the months leading up to the attack.
She was jailed for 17 years. Her son was given an indeterminate sentence in a young offenders' institution. His girlfriend was given three years in youth detention. The 16-year-old received a 26-month youth detention order, and her her younger sister was given a two-year youth rehabilitation order.
According to a Guardian report on the court hearings:
The victim's son spoke of his bewilderment at discovering his sister had committed the attack. The man said he and his sister had enjoyed a privileged upbringing, including private education, and that she had been planning to kill their mother, too.
''The police told me they had reason to believe my own sister and her family had been planning to kill mum and dad. They told me they believed they were planning to do away with dad first and then my mum as well. Thankfully, they never got that far.''

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