Saturday, October 8, 2011

Casey wears disguise

Today was the videotaped deposition as I reported earlier. Apparently she felt it necessary to wear a disguise. WHY?
"She had a Phillies ball cap on. She had gigantic sunglasses. She had a long -- I think it was a wig," Morgan said.
The lawyer said that she seemed annoyed to be there and that her body language said it all."She had deep breathing -- nostrils flaring. She was clearly annoyed, but composed and courteous," he said.

Anthony was asked about Gonzalez and about the disappearance of Caylee. "Basically, they weren't going to answer any questions, and so we got enough we feel to go ahead and take our motion now to the judge to compel her to answer these questions," Morgan said.
They will take the taped deposition to a judge and make plans to move the civil case forward. Morgan said he hopes to one day force Anthony to answer his questions and eventually win compensation for damages for his client.

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