Monday, October 10, 2011

Did Lisa Irwin die at the hands of her mother?

October 2nd was the the last day that Lisa Irwin was seen and now police have staged a recreation of the kidnapping in an attempt to find more clues towards the whereabouts of the baby.
FBI Agents and detectives were spotted entering through the window, that baby Lisa Irwin's father Jeremy saw wide open when he returned home from work at 4am on Oct. 3. The detectives pretended to be intruders and climbed through the window to gain access to the baby's bedroom.
The recreation showed that climbing in through the window was much more difficult than it appeared. The detective had to be pushed in and the window slammed on his leg once he was through, creating a lot of noise that would have most likely alerted Lisa Irwin's mother, Deborah, had it happened on the night of the kidnapping.This seems fishy. Nobody can that be that much of a deep sleeper not to hear that racket going on.  Her mother even took a lie detector test and admitted that she failed while the baby's father doesn't approve of a lie detector test!

According to the baby's parents, their 10-month daughter was kidnapped while Jeremy Irwin was working a night shift and Deborah was asleep.  According to Jeremy Irwin when he came home at 4 a.m. the front door was unlocked, the window was wide open; his daughter and three cell phones were missing.
The police announced last week that baby Lisa's parents had stopped cooperating with investigators, an accusation both parents have denied.

Over the weekend police investigated two new leads that came forward from the case. A teenage neighbor who was at the Irwin's home the day Lisa vanished and who also knew the code to the garage door was questioned. Authorities are also investigating reports from the west coast of a couple seen with a small child fitting Lisa's description. Nothing concrete has emerged and Police are looking for new tips. On Sunday Evening the community of Northland Street gathered together with candles in support of the search for the baby. Family members have handed out flyers and reached out to NASCAR fans at the Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway, hoping more tips will come in.
Just today more news came out about Lisa's mom Deborah Bradley. Apparently she is married to another man, despite claiming she is engaged to the missing baby's father.

Below is an interesting take on the parents story:

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