Monday, October 24, 2011

Jurors will be released

The names of the idiots who found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder can be revealed beginning Tuesday by courts in Pinellas and Orange counties.  Judge Belvin Perry Jr. ordered in July that the names of the jurors remain sealed for three months, citing fears for the panelists' safety. That "cooling off" period ends Tuesday.
One juror retired two months earlier than planned because colleagues at work were upset with the verdict. GOOD!!!!
The names of jurors normally are public record here in Florida, but Perry barred their release during the trial. Several media outlets petitioned for Perry to make the names public, and Perry issued his order July 26 after a hearing on the matter.
The order said that, upon request, the names of jurors can be released no sooner than Oct. 25 by the Pinellas and Orange courts.
"In a democracy, criminal trials should not, as a rule, be decided by anonymous persons," Perry wrote. "However, anonymity, at least from the media and the public, relieves pressure on jurors and protects impartiality."
The names of three jurors – Jennifer Ford, Russell Huekler and Dean-Edward Echstadt – became public after they agreed to speak to the media. But other names have remained a mystery.

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