Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Motherhood and its effects

What has motherhood taught me? Growing up playing with babydolls, a young girl envisions a child that eats when told to do so and sleeps when laid down. Well, to those who do not have children, time for a reality check, REAL children do not eat when you shove a spoon in their mouth and contrary to popular belief, when they are placed on their backs on their beds, their eyes do not instinctively close.  Real children will try to shove their spoon into YOUR mouth and will give you a gym workout while struggling to let you put them to sleep.

Motherhood has taught me that there is no way to be THE PERFECT MOTHER. The only way to be a "perfect" mother is to raise your kids the way YOU feel is correct. Not the way your mom, mother-in-law, or your other relatives may feel is the proper way. You have to do what you feel is proper, even if it goes against the popular advice in your family or circle of friends. Now, if it's against the LAW, then it probably is not the right thing to do :)

Motherhood has taught me that children will bring out the best in your personality as well as the worst. You will scream even though you swear you will NEVER do that. You may not scream in front of your child, but trust me you will scream. Not even the most patient of people will be patient when they have children. Kids will do that to you. It's normal.

At the end of the day however, the good times outweigh the bad. When you see the love in those little eyes that tell you that you are important to at least that one person, it's magical. Knowing that you are shaping that child's life and that you are responsible for creating and forming a better world through that child, it makes all the stress worthwhile. You will feel a love that you never thought imaginable. It's weird. It tugs you and takes all your energy, but you will realize it's the greatest love of all.

Motherhood has taught me........TRUE LOVE. <3

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