Friday, April 15, 2011

Married women need to be flirted with too

So yes I am married and have been married for the past 6 years. But some people assume that just because a woman is married they don't need to be told how attractive they are.  The truth....I love to be told I'm attractive! Husbands seem to get pretty comfortable in marriages and usually forget to compliment their ladies unless they are given a HUGE hint by said lady. Such as " Do I look pretty?" What they get in response is usually something to the effect of " Yes" And that's the end of the conversation.

Now single women or women that are not married may think "What's wrong with that? He complimented you." Well, the truth is after you have been married for a while and not feeling butterflies in your stomach or feeling that "new" relationship feeling, you tend to become stuck in a rut and long for that attention.  JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN IN A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP, DOES NOT MEAN YOU DO NOT NEED TO FEEL PRETTY.

Today, while at Walmart, I was complimented and had men checking me out. I felt FABULOUS! This mother of 3 actually looked pretty and was able to get attention while wearing a baseball cap, jeans, sunglasses, button down shirt, and flip flops. WHAT? You mean I didn't have to ask anyone or actually get made up!?

To men reading this, take a hint, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LADY!!!! Giving your lady some attention, will go a LONG way! She does clean, cook, and do your laundry after all. AND she does it for FREE. You don't want to compliment her, then pay her!

Anyhoo......I just want to say, I feel AWESOME!!!!!!

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