Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 years ago I expected......

I love this question. Hmmm...so many things can run through one's mind when asked this. 5 years ago I was living in a 2 bedroom apt. at Intervale Ave, The Bronx. It was just me, my husband and our 4 month old daughter. We were new parents, struggling to understand the infant mind. Today we are still struggling to understand the infant mind, as well as a 5 year old and a 3 year old mind.

5 years ago, we were not thinking about family size, houses, or living in a completely different state. My kids were going to be from the SOUTH BRONX. Wrong, my kids are now Southerners. My daughter has even developed the Southern accent. One of her favorite phrases are "I'm (insert some words here) like a sinner in church. Granted she has adopted that from The Princess and The Frog movie, but Southern still.

Actually 5 years ago, I was also not expecting to be pregnant with my second child a few months later! We had gone through a miscarriage at 5 months pregnant a few months before getting pregnant with our daughter, so having another pregnancy so soon after my daughter was born was AMAZING! Our family was indeed growing!

 While on vacation to Florida, my husband and I decided this was where we wanted to establish and raise our family. We loved the environment and thought what better place to raise a family than the Sunshine State and home of the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! 

Now, I sit here writing about my beautiful family. My husband has a great job (with a normal schedule), my 5 year old daughter is getting ready to graduate pre-k and just walked in with a dress, shades, and a purse, while RuPaul's Supermodel playing in the background (her barbie doll's accessory), my 3 year old, who will be 4 in a few weeks (God willing) is wearing swimming goggles pretending to be Dinkie from The Littles cartoon and my 3 week old almost month old is napping in the middle of the living room like he owns the place. And me? Well, I'm happy with the way everything is.

5 years ago, did I imagine this? Definitely not. Could it get better? Maybe, can we win the lottery perhaps :) , but I sure love the way my love has changed and grown in these 5 years that have gone by.  I couldn't feel any more blessed than what I feel at the moment.......Lottery....LOL Joking joking :)

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  1. YAY! U also moved closer to me, not a bad thing at all!