Friday, August 3, 2012

Charges will be filed in Lorenzo Cacho case

Thursday, August 2, authorities announced that with the evidence they have, they will be filing charges in the Lorenzo Cacho case 2.5 years after his death. This comes as elections are soon on the way and the Secretary of Justice in Puerto Rico feels pressured especially with another confusing case of the murder of Carmen Paredes. A woman who was found murdered from gun shot wounds in her backyard patio while reading a newspaper.

Read more about Carmen Paredes here (Sorry for the rough translation) :

Lorenzo's mother Ana Cacho has been the main suspect in the murder of her son Lorenzo, in the eyes of most people. Myself included.

You can read more about the Lorenzo case here:


  1. I agree. I live in Florida and have been following the case since the boys death. I was born here in the U.S.but my Parents are Puerto Rican, and when I ask any of My Hispanic, Puerto Rican ,or American friends about this case no one knows anything about it. It's a disgrace! Something must be done NOW! this case has taken entirely too long. I beleive there are "white collar" drug addicts involved and they need to be brought to justice. I am so disgusted by he way the whole case has been handled since day 1. We must bring JUSTICE to Lorenzo and his family. (why has this story been kept away from the U.S public eye?)

  2. I'm always looking for tips on any other news stories you may find interesting. If you hear more about this case, just let me know :)
    Thanks for the comment!