Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A new view of life: Thanks Belgium!

As I sit here in my kitchen looking at my laundry blowing in the wind, I am grateful to have married a Belgian and to be able to experience the european lifestyle which in my opinion is much better than the United States version.

This last trip I have enjoyed myself to the fullest. That may be linked to the fact that it was the first time for our youngest and that our family finally felt complete.

Yes, we did the tourist plan but we also had time to spend with family and live the Belgian lifestyle. The simpler lifestlyle.

Most Belgians are not worried or concererned  with modern technology. They are not concerned with superficial things. They leave their doors open for, what my husband calls "courtesy visits", which is when family and friends just drop by whenever they feel like it. And you know what?! Nobody minds. They are happy to just receive guests and get the coffee and desserts on the table.

They hang up their laundry and do their own yardwork and rarely go eating at fast food restaurants. They cook healthier. Yes, they are known for chocolate and waffles, but they are mostly fit! Why? Because they ride bikes wherever they go! They use them as if they were cars! I got to go bicycling and I loved it! Drivers respect them and don't rush them like they do here.

I was able to enjoy frites from the local Fy place :T'Frithuisje, but even that food tasted healthier.
The specialist cost us $32 without insurance for goodness sake! The dentist fixed my husbands teeth for hundreds instead of thousands!  That's unbelievable!

If it wasn't cold, far from my family, and if they had better television programming, you bet I would be living there in an instant!

Again I love that I am air drying my clothing outside and it reminds me of my mother-in-law in Belgium. God Bless Belgium!

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