Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Casey Speaks out

So last night on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, 1/2  hour was dedicated to Casey Anthony. She spoke to Piers via speakerphone through Cheney Mason's phone. Mason told Piers when asked about Casey's daily life, that Casey lives in another prison. She's not on Lockdown but that she basically stays inside for fear of being hurt outside.

Casey said she has her good days and bad days. And without any prompting, the first thing she told Piers was "Obviously, I did not kill my daughter." Mason said that if she said that without being questioned then it must be true. He portrays her as a person who loved her daughter more than anything.

 She also claims that she is ashamed of the person she was and is not the person Media portrays her to be. She has only drank of handful of beers since being put on probation. And she has only smoked marijuana in her early 20's. She says she was a stupid young person. And that she was not a "party girl" and a "wild" person. She also said she would not work for bills being thrown at her and that she "does not give a shit about money"

 She spends her days reading (The Hunger Games Trilogy), watching movies, and exercising. She does not watch the news, though she did watch the show yesterday, does not watch reality shows and loves I Love Lucy and old black and white movies.  I must say I had to laugh with a comment my friend told me yesterday when she saw Casey was reading the Hunger Games :"So she can figure out how to kill more children?" LOL!!!!!!!

When Piers told Mason that The Hunger Games was about kids killing people, Mason continued to talk ablout how much Casey likes watching travel shows. Casey says rumors about her moving to Costa Rica and her being a party girl is all lies. Mason says she is very likable and has many people who like her.

When asked if she was planning on having another child and a family, Mason said that she knows the reality and knows it would be hard for her to continue freely with people having a "lynch mob mentality"
 Piers did say he noticed her maturity.

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