Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lee gets hitched and Casey's deal with the devil keeps working

So over the weekend Lee and Mallory got married......we all make a collective "whoopie" right?....yawn....and no, Casey did not attend. Oh yeah and Mallory changed her name to Mallory Anthony on her FB page. She must be proud to enter that family. https://www.facebook.com/mallybu322?sk=wall

 And Casey's deal with the devil keeps working out for her. Wonder what she had to give to him......yeah.....no, I don't. She gives everything up doesn't she?
So now Morgan and Morgan have to find her on their own if they want to subpoena her in the Zenaida case according to the judge and the Zenaida trial has been moved to January 2013.
Yup.....that's what's new with the never ending case of  TOT MOM!!!!!!!! LOL!!

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